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MCW Fight to Survive Results

This past Saturday at the MCW arena, 10 men went to war in the main event, sibling rivalry was put aside for championship opportunity, and an icon made his return to the ring he calls home. Fight to Survive is now in the record books, and the reverberations of the night will be felt by the MCW faithful for a long time to come.

Lord Andy Coyne, the perennial host of Melbourne City Wrestling, makes his way to the ring sporting a vintage red blazer and matching shades. The theme of Fight to Survive is 80’s-90’s retro, and Coyne is personifying that very well indeed, as are multiple fans who have heeded the call for dressing up tonight. After running through the matches on the card, the lights dim for our opening contest,

  • The Brat Pack w/Avary defeated Men for Hire (Jake Lindo & Campbell Crawford) w/ Hawko
    Nick and Mitch steal a victory here after Avary makes her presence at ringside known, pushing Camby off the top of the turnbuckle and causing the fan favourite to become entangled in the ropes. From there the Brat Pack use the numbers game to their advantage and pin Lindo, with Camby being helpless to do anything but witness the robbery unfolding in front of him.
  • Tome Filip defeated Mike Burr
    “The Future Classic” made this one personal from the opening bell against “The War Dog”, mocking the ring veteran’s age and peppering his physical jabs with verbal ones throughout the entirety of the match. Never one to take such abuse, Burr is able to drill some respect into Filip via multiple stiff elbows to the skull of the young upstart. Ultimately, Tome rolls up Mike and scores the pinfall by using the ropes as leverage.
  • Avary defeated Taylah Rose
    Even though Rose was her scheduled opponent, it was very clear that Avary was thinking of someone else tonight, coming to the ring dressed up as Kellyanne. While taking every opportunity to mimic Kellyanne’s wrestling style and moveset, Avary eventually claims the win via pinfall.

Post-match, Avary continues the beatdown on Rose until Kellyanne swaps places with Taylah, capitalising on the shock of the moment by delivering a devastating forearm. The Brat Pack comes down to assist their fallen manager, but the leader of The Fiend Club takes to the air and lays the whole group lout via cannonball, sending a message to Avary that there is only one Kellyanne. Accept no imitators.

  • Adam Brooks defeated Stevie Filip
    In what was undoubtedly the match of the night, The returning Brooksy was welcomed back by one of the loudest reactions ever heard in the MCW Arena. With a crowd split firmly down the middle, “The Natural” and “The Loose Ledge” went toe to toe and blow for blow in a contest that was 50/50 for the duration. Eventually, Brooks takes advantage when Filip has a bad landing on the ring apron, delivering a back breaker and getting the 3 count.

Post-match, after a much-deserved standing ovation from the entire crowd, Tome comes out to speak to his brother. He mentions his opportunity to challenge for any belt, and he lets Stevie know he is using that opportunity to challenge for the Tag Titles. His Partner? None other than his own flesh and blood. It appears the Filips vs. The Brat Pack is in the cards for the future.

  • JK Moody defeated Ritchie Taylor.
    The debuting Moody scores the pinfall in the middle of the ring on Taylor after a hard hitting match. The man who calls himself “The Antidote” has made a powerful first impression in Melbourne City Wrestling.

In between matches, Adam Brooks comes out to thank the fans for making his return so special. He then issues a challenge to his friend, the MCW Intercommonwealth Champion Slex at MCW New Horizons.

  • The Dow Dogs defeated Team Gene in a traditional 5-on-5 elimination match.

The order of eliminations:

  • Dowie James pins Lochy Hendricks, silencing The Loverboy by taking him out in 30 seconds.
  • Big Ali pins TD in brutal fashion, slamming the lifeless wrestler to the canvas for the 3 count.
  • Jake Andrewartha pins Fun Time Phil, providing a numbers advantage for his team.
  • Alan Payne pins JXT after a 3-on-1 manoeuvre by all 3 Helter Skelter family members.
  • Jake Andrewartha is eliminated by DQ after delivering a chairshot to Dowie James.
  • Alan Payne is eliminated by taking a page from Jake’s book and hitting Robbie Eagles with a chairshot of his own.
  • Dowie James pins Big Ali after Eagles lends a hand wearing down the giant, jumping off the bar in the back of the hall into Ali when the fight spills into the crowd.
  • Robbie Eagles pins MCW Heavyweight Champion Gino Gambino after “The Sniper of the Skies” hits a thunderous 450 slash on Gambino.

After the match, sole survivors James and Eagles celebrate in the ring, with Robbie clearly indicating he wants a shot at Gambino’s title.

There is less than a month to go before MCW returns to Thornbury on October 5th. Will Gambino finally break the silence we have become accustomed to by accepting Eagles’ challenge? When exactly will The Filip Brothers make it official against reigning champs The Brat Pack? And will The Loosest Ledge in professional wrestling be the one to close “The Business”?

There is a jam-packed weekend just around the corner. Make sure you’re in Thornbury for New Horizons in a few short weeks.

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