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MCW New Horizons: The Untouchables vs The Natural Classics

At Fight to Survive, we saw Tome Filip choose which championship he intends to go for within MCW… the MCW Tag Team Championships, along with his brother, Stevie Filip! Tome gave an impassioned speech to his brother, where he admitted that his brother is the more gifted athlete of the two, before the two shook hands and left the ring together.

At MCW New Horizons 2018 on Friday October 5, the Filip Brothers, now known as the Natural Classics, will face two men who’ve dominated the tag team division in every promotion they’ve competed in nationwide: TMDKmembers Damian Slater and Marcius Pitt, collectively known as The Untouchables.

Will the Natural Classics overcome their first challenge? Or will the road ahead be more treacherous than first imagined? Find out at The Thornbury Theatre in just under two weeks time!

Tickets on sale now!

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