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MCW New Horizons Results

Last Friday evening kicked off what was surely the biggest weekend professional wrestling fans in Melbourne have ever experienced, with the men and women of MCW leaving it all in the ring as their fans have come to expect over the years. It’s only fitting that for a show named “New Horizons”, the MCW faithful bore witness to the end of heated rivalries while also seeing new feuds emerge between opponents eager to lay their claim of being the best athlete in the best promotion in the country.

Lord Any Coyne once again welcomes the fans in the packed arena, running down the matches taking place and announcing the contenders in the opening bout.

• The Natural Classics defeated The Untouchables.

The Filip brother’s newly formed tag team was tested by the more experienced unit of Damian Slater & Marcius Pitt throughout the match. However, speculation from the sceptics regarding the chemistry of Tome and Stevie was silenced after a spectacular moonsault from Stevie leads to the pinfall victory. With their first match as a team resulting in one for the win column, it’s only a matter of time before Tome’s tag team title opportunity is cashed in. Are we looking at the new champs?

• Avary defeated Kellyanne

One of the more personal matches of the card saw Avary make her way to the ring and repeating the disrespect shown last month; dressing up as her opponent and mocking her signature mannerisms. Kellyanne clearly is not one to subscribe to the old adage of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, throwing the smaller Avary around the ring like a ragdoll and punishing her with hard hitting offense. When it looks like Kellyanne is about to seal her victory, Avary is able to score the surprise pinfall thanks to back to back distractions by the male members of the Brat Pack.

• Marcus Kool defeated Mikey Broderick and JXT

This one was contested under triple-threat rules. A very entertaining match that saw the Hooligan, in his MCW debut, get the win by pinning the Jaystick.

• The Brat Pack (c) defeated Fun Time Trouble w/ Aria, Men for Hire w/ Hawko, and Helter Skelter w/ Julian James & Alan Payne to retain the MCW Tag Team Championship.

After a dominating performance that saw Helter Skelter eliminate two teams in a row, Mitch is able to rollup Jake Andrewartha after miscommunication at ringside.

Post-match, Julian James declares that the recent losing streak of The Family is Alan’s Fault, and demands a “sacrifice”. Helter Skelter lays waste to Payne with a series of brutal chairshots until Johnathan Preston makes his return to the ring. While seemingly intent on assisting Julian James in his dismantling of Alan, Preston surprises everyone by attacking Big Ali and Jake Andrewartha instead, reuniting with Payne to the delight of the crowd.

• Adam Brooks defeated Slex (c) to become the new MCW Intercommonwealth Champion.

“The Loose Ledge” was able to close “The Business” after a questionable victory that saw a handful of tights come into play. Legal or not, the action prior to the controversial decision was absolutely breath-taking and worthy of the “dream match” moniker bestowed upon it by the MCW faithful leading up to the night.

Immediately following the match, Slex demands a microphone and invokes his rematch clause at MCW End Game. Brooks accepts and Brooks/Slex II is set for November 17.

• Jonah Rock defeated Cave Man Ugg

The two powerhouses go toe to toe and suplex to suplex before Rock is able to score the submission on Ugg. Rock gives Cave Man respect post-match by way of a fistbump.

• Dowie James defeated Lochy Hendricks w/ Miami

“The Dow Dog” is able to finally silence the yapping (and NYAH-ing) of “The Loverboy” after a well contested match that ends in a bridging pinfall.

• Indi Hartwell defeated Shazza McKenzie

Another very personal match that was made official after weeks of trash talking between the two athletes. While McKenzie aptly displayed why she is known as the First Lady of MCW, Hartwell is able to get the better of the veteran, gaining the pinfall after an “Impressive” Missile Dropkick from the top rope.

• Gino Gambino (c) w/ Sebastian Walker defeated Robbie Eagles to retain the MCW Heavyweight Championship

Robbie Eagles proves that he belongs in the main event scene with an incredible performance against the considerably larger champion, using his aerial game to take Gambino off his feet and making him tap in the centre of the ring. Unfortunately, that submission goes unnoticed thanks to Sebastian Walker pulling the ref out of the ring at just the right moment. Gino’s dirty streak comes into play with a cheap shot on Eagles with the MCW belt while the ref isn’t looking, but Robbie’s resilience resonates throughout the arena when it takes not one, but TWO piledrivers to keep him down, allowing the champ to retain.

However, immediately following the match, a new challenger emerges in the presence of a former champion, none other than “The Monster” Jonah Rock! Jonah lays down the challenge for the title to Gambino, and we hear from Lord Andy Coyne that the match will take place at End Game.

With two matches already announced, new opportunities, new match-ups, and new memories as a direct result of New Horizons will occur at End Game. Thornbury will once again play host in only a few weeks. See you there.

Image by Owen Jones, Digital Beard Photography

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