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MCW End Game: Adam Brooks vs Slex

MCW New Horizons on October 5 at the Thornbury Theatre, saw the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship change hands.

As Chris Small wrote in his recent recap of the show –

“The Loose Ledge” was able to close “The Business” after a questionable victory that saw a handful of tights come into play. Legal or not, the action prior to the controversial decision was absolutely breath-taking and worthy of the “dream match” moniker bestowed upon it by the MCW faithful leading up to the night.

Immediately following the match, Slex demands a microphone and invokes his rematch clause at MCW End Game. Brooks accepts and Brooks/Slex II is set for November 17.

The rematch has been signed, sealed and delivered. At MCW End Game on Saturday November 17, the two men will square off once again for the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.

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