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MCW: End Game Results

This past weekend, Melbourne City Wrestling touched down one final time in Thornbury for 2018; wrapping up a year of hard-hitting action with yet another spectacular show that saw a champion reclaim their title, new rivalries formed, and the King of MCW defeating the Monster knocking at the gates.

• The Brat Pack ( c ) defeated The Natural Classics to retain the MCW Tag Team Championships.

This anticipated tag team bout quickly turns into a 2 on 1 handicap after Tome lays a devastating kick to the aggravated knee of Stevie mid-match, shocking the audience by abandoning his brother in the ring and closing the book on The Natural Classics.

Despite fighting valiantly against the Brat Pack tandem, and at times even looking like he may win the gold single-handed, the injured Stevie cannot defeat the numbers game; with Nick and Mitch taking down “The Natural” for the pinfall victory.

• Avary defeated Aria w/Fun Time Phil

Avary gets the pinfall in this match after a vicious cradle DDT on Aria, but not before taking out Phil with a shot below the belt after luring him into the ring.

Post-match, Indi Hartwell makes a surprise appearance to let Avary know that in order to lay claim to being the best in the women’s division, she needs to get through The “Impressive” one.

• Dowie James defeated Lochy Hendricks w/ Miami in a 30-minute Iron Man match.

The “Loverboy” once again comes up short in his relentless pursuit of James, blowing a 3-fall lead in the final stages of the match. The final 20 seconds of the match sees Hendricks tap out to the former MCW champion, leaving little time to even the score. The final fall count lands 4-3 in favour of Dowie.

• Slex defeated Adam Brooks (c) to win the MCW Intercommonwealth

In a rematch of their hotly contested bout at New Horizons, these friends-turned-rivals pull out all the stops, demonstrating to each and every fan in attendance how much the Intercommonwealth title means to both men.

After an all out brawl that included a top-rope destroyer, countless kicks to the head, and a kneeling reverse piledriver on the edge of the ring apron, Slex re-captures the championship by pinfall and achieves vindication after “The GLOAT” crossed the line earlier in the match in destroying his signature sunglasses. Luckily “The Business” always keeps a spare pair on hand…

• Men for Hire w/Hawko defeated Helter Skelter w/Julian James

Even after being kicked out of “The Family”, Alan Payne continues to be a thorn in the side of James and his disciples, causing a distraction when Preston and Payne’s music plays through the sound system and allows Men for Hire to capitalise with a rollup.

• Gino Gambino ( c ) w/Sebastian Walker defeated Jonah Rock to retain the MCW Heavyweight Championship.

Initially, this one looks like it is going to end in a countout victory for Gambino on the advice of his business partner Sebastian Walker. However, MCW Management refuses to allow the champ to retain in such fashion, restarting the match and banishing Walker from ringside. While the “King of Monsters” is able to go toe to toe with the champ for the majority of the fight, Gambino eventually lands a piledriver in the middle of the ring to slay the formidable challenger.

With 2018 in the books, we now look towards the new year. Vendetta on January 12 is where it all begins again, with Wrestlerock the following week, and tickets for both events can be purchased here.

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