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MCW Vendetta Results

This past Saturday, Melbourne City Wrestling presented Vendetta and began 2019 with an emphatic bang, providing the MCW Faithful with thrilling matches, shocking announcements, and new champions.

Sebastian Walker makes his way to the ring and introduces Gino Gambino.

After running through Gambino’s accomplishments in 2018, which included defending the MCW Title on foreign soil, Walker declares Gino to be the first ever MCW “World” Heavyweight Champion, presenting a brand new title belt to complete the coronation.

Mike Burr is out next to interrupt the proceedings. He calls out the champion, which leads Gambino into offering “The War Dog” a title shot later in the night.

  • Robbie Eagles defeated Tyson and Jett in a triple threat match.

Eagles picks up the win on the two recent MCW Academy graduates after hitting a Warp 4.5 on Tyson.

Post match, Eagles gives props to the two young upstarts, leading to a standing ovation from the crowd in response to a phenomenal debut match.

  • Indi Hartwell defeated Tarlee,

After a back-and-forth outing, “The Impressive” Indi continues her dominance in the women’s division by scoring the pinfall.

Lochy Hendricks w/Miami comes out to address the crowd.

Hendricks is on a verbal rampage, calling out MCW management, fellow wrestlers, and the fans for the mistreatment and disrespect he has suffered throughout his career. He then drops a bombshell: A Christmas Day call from Connecticut seems to indicate Hendricks will be moving across the globe to work for “Uncle Paul” in Florida. The Loverboy Farewell Tour is now officially underway in MCW.

  • Shazza McKenzie defeated Avary.

The ongoing rivalry between Avary and Indi Hartwell spilled over into this match when “The Impressive One’s” music began playing to cause a distraction for the referee. Indi emerges from the crowd and pushes Avary off of the ropes into the waiting arms of Shazza, allowing McKenzie to lock in the Shazzmission for the victory.

  • The LAW (Dowie James and Adam Brooks) defeated Sex Rock and The Brat Pack (c) to win the MCW Tag Team Championships.

Prior to the match, Sex Rock makes their return to a thunderous ovation, complete with multiple streamers and chants for both Jonah Rock and Elliott Sexton.

After what appeared to be dissension between Dowie James and Adam Brooks near the end of the match, the duo reveal they are indeed on the same page and score the pinfall to become the new Champs.

Post-match, Dowie and Brooks invite Sexton back into the ring to pose for the crowd. Jonah also returns to the ring to celebrate with the new champions and his partner. The Brat Pack attempts to hijack the celebrations, but are quickly silenced by the in-ring quartet. The crowd breaks out into a “Thank you Jonah” chant, sending off “The Monster” with well wishes and the support of the MCW Faithful behind him in his future endeavours.

  • Jimmy Havoc defeated Ritchie Taylor in a No Disqualifications Match.

The former Progress World Champion is able to pick up the win against Taylor after a hard-fought brawl. The fight sprawls out into the crowd for the majority of this battle, and Ritchie is only defeated after Havoc lands not one, but TWO Go Home Drivers onto a bed of steel chairs in the middle of the ring.

  • Slex (c) defeated Rat Daddy to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Title.

“The Business” continues his impressive championship reign by locking in the C.O.B and forcing the challenger from Adelaide to tap out.

A video package is played, promoting the return of Mikey Nicholls at MCW Uprising.

Tome Filip is out to the ring to address the controversy from last November when he attacked his brother during their Tag Team Championship match. “The Future Classic” states that Stevie deserved what happened to him, and Tome is now free of being in his brother’s shadow.

Stevie Filip is out and wastes no time in getting right into Tome’s face. After calling out Tome’s actions, Stevie reveals the main event for MCW Uprising on February 2: Brother vs. Brother when “The Future Classic” takes on “The Natural”!

Gino Gambino w/ Sebastian Walker (c) defeated Mike Burr to retain the MCW World Heavyweight Championship.

While “The War Dog” delivered a stellar performance against Gambino, the champion is able to fend off the challenger by hitting a piledriver and securing the pinfall.

Post-match, Slex makes his way to the ring to issue a blockbuster challenge to Gino: Champion vs. Champion, winner take all for both the Intercommonwealth and World Heavyweight titles!

With only 1 event in the record books for 2019, Melbourne City Wrestling has certainly indicated that this year will be one full of memorable moments; many of which are sure to be had when Uprising goes down at the Thornbury Theatre, Saturday February 2nd. Be sure to be a part of them!