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This Saturday, Melbourne City Wrestling will showcase some of their finest athletes when the second event of the year kicks off at the Thornbury Theatre. With repercussions felt the past few weeks since Vendetta, it will be a night of intense action and deeply personal stand-offs.

Lochy Hendricks vs. Jake Lindo

At Vendetta, The Loverboy shocked the world when he announced he would be leaving MCW, and Australia, to start the next chapter of his career in Florida with “Uncle Paul”. At Uprising, the Loverboy Farewell Tour kicks into gear with Hendricks in action against Jake Lindo. Will the momentum that Lochy has been experiencing lead him to a victory? Or will Lindo ensure that the Farewell tour begins and ends in Thornbury Saturday night?

Mike Burr vs. Ritchie Taylor

Both competitors will enter Uprising coming off of losses; Taylor in a vicious battle against Jimmy Havoc and Burr failing to capture the MCW World Heavyweight title from Gino Gambino. With a chance to get back into the win column, which man will show the MCW faithful they want it more?

Mikey Nicholls v. JK Moody

This past week, a mysterious video was uploaded by JK Moody, wherein “The Antidote” issued a bold challenge to MCW management demanding competition. The response to this “pick your poison” challenge came in the form of Mikey Nicholls, returning to where his illustrious career began. Moody has dominated New Zealand and made a massive debut when he was last in an MCW ring. Will Nicholls rise to the challenge lined up for his return? Or will Moody derail a hero’s homecoming?

The LAW vs. Jett & Tyson

It’s difficult to determine which team had the bigger night at Vendetta last month. Dowie James and Adam Brooks put an end to the lengthy title reign of the Brat Pack to become the new MCW Tag Team Champions. But it was the two high-flying rookies who stole the show in a phenomenal triple threat with Robbie Eagles, earning Jett and Tyson a standing ovation when the closing bell rang.

At Uprising, the MCW Academy Graduates attempt to keep the momentum going when they face two of the most decorated champions in the company’s history. Will Jett and Tyson achieve the unthinkable upset and capture gold? Or will LAW deliver a harsh wake up call and end the dreams of the two young upstarts?

Avary vs. Indi Hartwell

It’s all been leading up to this. For the past several months, Indi Hartwell and Avary have engaged in a war of words and sabotage against each other. It came to a head at Vendetta when “The Impressive” Hartwell cost Avary a win over Shazza McKenzie.

Both competitors have made a strong case for being the dominant athlete in the women’s division. But the time for talking has come to an end. At Uprising, Indi vs. Avary will finally face off to determine who truly is the best.

Slex and Gambino make it official

Last month, history was made when Gambino’s associate Sebastian Walker awarded the champ with a brand new belt, declaring him the first ever MCW WORLD Heavyweight Champion. This March, at Clash of the Champions, Gino will have the chance to make history twice by becoming the Undisputed MCW Champion when he goes one on one with the MCW Intercommonwealth Champion Slex in a winner-take-all match.

Before such a momentous title fight can happen, “Juicy” and “The Business” need to make it official. At Uprising, both champions will be in the same ring at the same time when they take part in a contract signing. Announced on Friday 1 February, Seb Costello announced on Triple M that he will be on hand to assist with the contract signing. Given his beef with Gino Gambino goes deep – who knows how this will factor into the match.

While it’s simply a matter of signing their names at the bottom of the page, no doubt sparks will fly when these two proud fighters are standing across from each other. Will management be able to keep things civil? Or will we get a taste of what’s to come in March?

Stevie Filip vs. Tome Filip

Some matches are simply business. Some matches are personal. And then there’s this match.

2018 saw the rise of the Filip Brothers in Melbourne City Wrestling. Both phenomenal athletes, “The Future Classic” and “The Natural” each forged a path throughout the competition that was presented in front of them, garnering attention from those in attendance and buzz across the country.

However, as many wins as he racked up, there was one thing that Tome didn’t have an answer for: The deafening chants of “Stevie’s Better” that filled the arenas whenever he was competing.

Sibling rivalry is a natural part of life. But with each passing month, each impressive outing, each time “The Future Classic” put his body on the line for the fans, he was met with disrespect and derision.

The resentment that built manifested when Tome attacked his brother during a match where they had the opportunity at Tag Team Gold. In an alternate reality, the Filip brothers could be dominating the tag division as champions. Instead, at Uprising, we find ourselves witness to one of the most heated and deeply personal rivalries that Melbourne City Wrestling has ever experienced.

Tome vs. Stevie. Filip vs. Filip. Brother vs. Brother. Who will come out on top, and will it be enough to put an end to a grudge that has torn a family apart?

It all goes down this Saturday, February 2nd, at the Thornbury Theatre. With what is sure to be a historic night, make sure you are there to pay witness to an Uprising.

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