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MCW Uprising Results

This past Saturday night, Melbourne City Wrestling hosted MCW Uprising at Thornbury  Theatre, pushing through sweltering heat to deliver a night full of hard-hitting, heart-stopping action wrought with drama.

Wasting no time, the first match of the night is announced.

  • Loverboy Lochy Hendricks defeats Jake Lindo (accompanied by Camby and Hawko)

With an incredible start to the night, Loverboy Lochy proves just too conniving for Jake Lindo to handle.

Lindo, who hails from your girlfriends’ dreams, puts up a valiant effort – and it’s easy to hear how much the MCW faithful is behind him. He uses the crowd to fuel his efforts against Lochy in high-flying offense, but it’s just simply not enough. Lochy grounds him, sneakily exposes a turnbuckle, and then nails Lindo with a spear.

While Lochy picks up the first win on his ‘Farewell Tour’, getting his hand raised doesn’t satisfy the Loverboy – Miami pushes Hawko to the ground, and Lochy starts attacking Camby before going after an already beaten Jake.

It seems like the crowd aren’t the only ones sick of Loverboy Lochy’s behaviour – Fun Time Phil runs out with Aria, making the save for Jake, Camby and Hawko. He aptly calls Lochy a piece of shit and dares Lochy to a match on March 16 at MCW Clash of the Titans. The Loverboy can’t turn down the dare, and agrees on one condition: if Phil loses, Aria is fired.

Next, the crowd is introduced to DCT, a Scottish pro-wrestler and former ICW Heavyweight champion, who is out special guest commentator for the following match.

  • Ritchie Taylor defeats War Dog Mike Burr

In a hard-hitting match filled with chops, suicide dives, and German Suplex’s, the crowd is firmly behind both men, and on their feet screaming when Ritchie eats a forearm followed by a Brain Buster and still kicks out.

After Ritchie hits Taylor’s End to best the veteran, he helps Mike off the mat in a show of ture sportsmanship—and here comes DCT with a mic, seemingly impressed with what he’s seen. He says he’s come all the way across the world for this… but that this isn’t up to his standards. DCT taunts the crowd and proclaims himself as the new toughest guy around, but won’t prove it to the crowd or the two men in the ring.

Will we be seeing more of DCT?

Up next is the contract signing for the winner takes all match between MCW World Heavyweight Champion Gino Gambino and MCW Inter-Commonwealth Champion Slex at MCW Clash of the Titans.

Out first is Journalist Seb Costello, who will officiate the contract signing as the Master of Ceremonies (he’s definitely not here to plug his Triple M Hot Breakfast radio show). Melbourne City Wrestling management is in the corner, ready to pounce if tensions boil over.

Slex is out first, followed shortly by Gambino who receives a chilly reception from the crowd. Tension grows as both men take the time to berate each other, but Sebastian Walker makes sure that Slex listens to him: this match will be no disqualification and no count-out.

After the contract is signed, Gambino targets a small child in the crowd and empties a bottle of water over his head—a brawl quickly breaks out, but Gambino has the upper hand over Slex and sends him through a table. He slings both championship titles over his shoulders and laughs – is this a sign of things to come?

  • The LAW Dowie James & Adam Brooks defeat Jett & Tyson to retain the MCW Tag Team Championships

It’s clear to see who the veterans and the new blood are in this wonderful display of athleticism and heart—The LAW have the upper hand for the best part of the match, out-wrestling and out-smarting the two upcomers.

An exchange of Tope con Giro’s, and a Canadian Destroyer on the outside of the ring, cement this as another incredible match for both Jett and Tyson, who are proving they can hang with the big boys.

After The LAW picks up the win, Brat Pack come out from the crowd and berate Dowie and Adam, claiming that they are the best tag team in MCW—hell, the best tag team in Australia. Brooksy says the Brat Pack might be good, but they aren’t the best, and declares the rematch will be a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match at MCW Clash of the Titans.

  • Mikey Nicholls defeats JK Moody

The MCW crowd welcomes back TMDK member Mikey Nicholls, who’s back for his first match in Australia in over three years, but he doesn’t waste any time with niceties—his aggressive and ruthless style is matched by JK Moody’s brutality, and actions spills onto the hard floor and the stage.

JK takes it right to Mikey, hitting him with a merciless Piledriver, but in the sweltering Thornbury Theatre, Mikey picks up the one, two, three.

  • Avary vs Indi Hartwell ends in a No Contest

Avary doesn’t waste any time in taking Indi down, and uses offensive move after offensive move to try and keep her opponent grounded.

Hartwell doesn’t take nicely to the fact that Avary is besting her, but takes too much time yelling at the crowd to stop her opponents momentum—Avary uses her strength to spin Indi into the metal barricades, laughing in absolute glee.

Just as Hartwell starts to gain some footing, Kellyanne runs out from the back to raucous applause. She cannonballs Indi in one corner and slams a spinning elbow into the side of Avarys’ jaw, effectively ending the match.

A brawl breaks out between the three women, prompting MCW management to intervene and keep these women away from each other. The crowd chants “let them fight”, eager to see Avary, Indi and Kellyanne rip each other apart.

  • Stevie Filip defeats Tome Filip

The chants “Stevie’s better” have haunted and will most likely haunt Tome for the rest of his life as a professional wrestler – that’s what happens when you get into business with your younger brother. It’s also most definitely the reason that Tome used Stevie’s injury as an excuse to turn his back, though he’ll never admit such a thing.

This bout starts off hot and heavy, and when Stevie tweaks his knee again, Tome takes no time to narrow in and start using it against his brother. It seems that all hope is lost when Tome nails Stevie with a Spanish Fly, but Stevie uses his brother’s momentum against him to hit his own devastating Canadian Destroyer.

Tome kicks out of a frog splash, but simply can’t raise his shoulder when Stevie launches a shooting star press for the win.

After the match, Stevie calls his brother back to the ring to shake his hand. Reluctant at first but slowly coming around, Tome admits that Stevie may be the better man, but they were the best wrestlers and bound to take over the world together.

And that’s it for MCW Uprising—be sure to tune in for MCW Clash of the Titans, where champions collide and tensions mount to what is sure to be an incredible evening. We’ll see you on March 16t at the Thornbury Theatre!

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