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Clash of the Titans Preview

This Saturday, Melbourne City Wrestling touches down once again at the Thornbury Theatre for quite possibly the biggest match in the company’s history. Two proud champions will put their bodies, reputations, and legacies on the line as a single undisputed champion is crowned for the very first time.

Lochy Hendricks vs. Fun Time Phil

The next stop on the “Loverboy Farewell Tour” will take place inside the ring this Saturday against the beloved Fun Time Phil. Hendricks no doubt wants to continue the momentum he has going prior to leaving the company for good, but he may not be the only one who is out the door of MCW. If Phil loses the match against the “Loverboy”, then his own love, Aria, will be fired!

Mike Burr vs. DCT

Mike Burr will be heading into Clash of the Titans on a string of recent losses. However, The MCW Faithful know that “The War Dog” is never one to be counted out, and is at his most dangerous when backed into a corner. Burr will need that resilience and tenacity in spades, as he takes on a former World Champion and the self-proclaimed “hardest man in Melbourne”: DCT!

JK Moody vs. Taylor King

Moody has emerged as a mysterious and menacing figure within MCW, taking the returning Mikey Nicholls to his absolute limits last month. “The Antidote” continues to push his agenda to cure the so-called poison that exists in Melbourne City Wrestling, and he has his sights set on making an example out of “The Child Star” Taylor King. With threats exchanged between both men over social media, will Moody back up his words? Or will King give JK a taste of his own medicine?

Robbie Eagles vs. Ritchie Taylor

Robbie Eagles returns from the Land of the Rising Sun to the Land Down Under, as he goes one-on-one against “Smash Mouth” Ritchie Taylor! Taylor has made quite the name for himself, but with his opponent quickly and deservedly becoming a global sensation in his own right, the upstart may find himself within the “Sniper of the Skies” crosshairs.

The LAW vs. The Brat Pack: TLC Match for the MCW Tag Team Championships

Last month, The LAW were successful in their very first title defence when they put the gold on the line against Jett and Tyson, the two young flag-bearers of the MCW Academy.

The fact that this title shot wasn’t given to the former champs sparked the fury of The Brat Pack, and the two have demanded they receive their rematch. Dowie James and Adam Brooks were more than happy to comply, and to prove why they are collectively known as The Loose and the Reckless. At Clash of the Titans, the MCW Tag Team Championships will be hanging above the ring as the teams compete in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match!

Indi Hartwell vs. Avary vs. Kellyanne

Last month, the war of words between Avary and Indi Hartwell finally cumulated inside the ring, as the two fighters went head to head to back up their claims of who was truly the Queen of MCW. However, a familiar face emerged during that match, seemingly upset that her name hasn’t been mentioned in this claim for the crown. Now, she will get her chance to rectify that wrong, as the returning Kellyanne will face Avary and Indi in a triple threat match!

Slex (c) vs. Gino Gambino (c): Winner Takes All

In wrestling, like in any competition, there is the drive to be the best. The discipline to make it to the top of the mountain, to climb the ladder, to tune out the nay-sayers is enormous. Yet when you’re there and you’ve reached the highest level of your industry, the feeling of pride, accomplishment, and the right to tell all around you that you’ve earned it makes everything worthwhile.

But what if it wasn’t enough?

What if, as a champion, you encountered another who made the same claims? Who held a title just like you did? Who backed up their statements of being the best every chance they were given? Would you try to co-exist? Or deep down would you know, sooner or later, you’re on track for a collision course?

Slex and Gino Gambino have decided that the time for two champions in MCW has come to an end. After March 16th, there truly will be only one, as “The Business” puts his MCW Intercommonwealth Title up against “Juicy’s” MCW World Heavyweight Title in a winner take all match. After last month’s heated contract signing, pride and tension is at an all-time high. The anticipation is palpable. The air is electric.  On Saturday, at the Thornbury Theatre, an Undisputed Champion will be crowned when two titans clash!

History will be made. A champion will be crowned. And nothing in MCW will ever be the same again!

Make sure you are there for such a monumentous night.

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