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MCW Clash of the Titans Results

This past Saturday, Melbourne City Wrestling delivered everything it had promised in spades, presenting a historic evening where new rivalries emerged, a Queen was crowned, and a King de-throned.

JK Moody defeated Taylor King

“The Antidote” furthered his agenda to rid MCW of the poison he believes runs through it by laying waste to “The Child Star” Taylor King. Some excellent back and forth action that saw a resilient King kick out of a match-ending manoeuvre at the one count before Moody delivers a Syringe Driver for the pinfall.

Lochy Hendricks defeated Fun Time Phil

With Aria’s career on the line, Fun Time Phil gave everything he had to take out “The Loverboy”. Ultimately it wasn’t enough. Hendricks captures Phil in an ankle lock, and clinches it into a grapevine. Phil refuses to tap, but the pain etched across his face is too much for Aria to take, throwing the towel in the middle of the ring despite knowing it signifies the end of her career in MCW.

Post-match, Fun Time Phil pleads with “Loverboy” to spare Aria from being fired, stating he will do anything to allow her to stay. Hendricks relents and tells Phil that Aria can stay if he is willing to become the first member of the “Loverboy Kiss My Ass Club”.

Shockingly, in the middle of the ring, Phil agrees, proving exactly how much he cares for Aria and what he is willing to do for her to remain in the company and in his life.

Robbie Eagles defeated Ritchie Taylor

In a match that offered up a very distinct clash of styles, Eagles and Taylor tore the house down; with the fans eating up every vicious strike, every high-flying attack, and every moment of trash talk between the two warriors.

“Smashmouth” Ritchie did a remarkable job of grounding Eagles for the most part, but “The Sniper of the Skies” was able to break free and find his target, delivering a Warp 4.5 from the top rope onto the legs of Taylor and then applying pressure for the submission victory.

A nice show of respect comes at the end when Eagles “helps” Taylor to his feet and shakes his hand.

The Brat Pack defeated The LAW (c) in a TLC Match to win the MCW Tag Team Championships

Both teams showed the MCW Faithful just how much the Tag Team Titles mean to them, as bodies were put through tables, athletes came crashing to the ground from the top of ladders, and chairs we thrown in the faces of opponents.
Dowie James and Adam Brooks start off the match by seemingly mocking their opponents in their offence, making light of Nick and Mitch.

Ultimately, that slight cockiness may have played a part in their downfall, as the Brat Pack hold off Dowie and Brooks long enough to climb the ladder, grab the belts, and emerge as 3-time Tag Team Champions.

When the dust settles, in a rare show of mutual respect between teams, The LAW offers their congratulations to the new champions.

DCT defeated Mike Burr

The former Insane Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion makes an impact in his in-ring debut, defeating the veteran and heart of MCW Mike Burr.

A controversial finish sees an illegal low blow being delivered behind the referee’s back, bringing Burr to his knees only to be met with the knee of DCT to his face and allowing for the 3-count.

Post-match, it seems DCT wants to show there are no hard feelings and offers his hand to Burr. This sentiment proves to be false, as DCT unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks to the weakened “War Dog”.

As the attack continues none other than Ritchie Taylor, a former opponent of Burr’s, hits the ring for the save to the delight of the crowd. DCT retreats, but not before locking eyes with Taylor, clearly upset that he has inserted himself into this situation.

Avary defeated Indi Hartwell and Kelly Anne

Contested under triple threat rules, this match was a showcase for the talent of the three top women in Melbourne City Wrestling. All three wrestlers were at their strongest, holding firm against the added threat of two opponents in the ring at any given time.

With reputations, bragging rights, and respect on the line, Avary ultimately captures the win by hitting the “Daddy Issues” cradle DDT on Indi for the three count. The landscape has shifted in the women’s division and Avary looks to sit atop the mountain.

Slex (c)  defeated Gino Gambino (c) to win the MCW World Heavyweight Championship

History is made as a dual champion is crowned after a wild winner takes all match. With both Slex’s Intercommonwealth Championship and Gambino’s MCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line, both men used everything in their respective arsenals for a shot at being crowned the one true champion in MCW.

The match carried out into the crowd, which led to  Slex being put through the announcers table, startling guest commentator and ring announcer Seb Costello and ultimately instigating Costello’s insertion into the match when Gino’s ally Sebastian Walker continued to interfere. Costello was not shy about where his loyalties lay, assisting “The Business” by taking out Walker on a number of occasions, and providing an equal playing field.

“Juicy” attempts to rely on familiar tricks when he begins tearing away the ring canvas, shades of his battle against JXT.

However, it isn’t enough to keep Slex down. Receiving a second wind from the rallying cries of the MCW Faithful, Gino Gambino is hit with the Slexecution, and is pinned for the 1-2-3. The King is dead. Long live the King.

With “The Business” now becoming the first dual champion in MCW history, things will never be the same again. Make sure you are at Thornbury on April 27th to witness the (MCW) Fallout!

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