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MCW Fallout Preview

This coming Saturday, Melbourne City Wrestling will invade the Thornbury theatre for a night where a new champion will be tested for the first time, old alliances reform, and fresh faces will enter the ring!

Ritchie Taylor vs. DCT

Last month, the self proclaimed “Hardest Man in Melbourne” won a hard-fought match against Mike Burr. After continuing the attack after the bell rang, Ritchie Taylor made his way out to run off DCT. Clearly this interference didn’t sit well, as DCT has challenged Taylor one-on-one at MCW Fallout!

Will the fan favourite Taylor punish DCT for his poor sportsmanship? Or will Ritchie be another victim of the former ICW World Champion?

Tommy Knight vs. Dowie James vs. T-Rex

The last few times the MCW faithful have seen Dowie James, it has been alongside his LAW counterpart Adam Brooks in tag team action. This Saturday, James returns to singles competition when he faces off against two dangerous opponents: Adelaide based Tommy Knight and Southern Pro Wrestling’s T-Rex!

With debuts being made in this match and the Southern Rumble only mere months away, the stakes are high for all three competitors. Will “Super” Dowie James survive Knight and “The Human Hate Machine” T-Rex? Or will a fresh face make themselves famous in Melbourne?

Indi Hartwell vs. Avary

Last month, Avary scored the biggest victory of her career when she defeated Kelly Anne and Indi Hartwell in a triple threat match.

Hartwell has deemed that win as “unimpressive”, and wants to settle the score in a one-on-one match! 

Will “The Impressive One” achieve retribution? Or will Avary take another step in solidifying herself at the top of the women’s division?

The Brat Pack vs. The Street Gang Hooligans

The Brat Pack were able to reclaim their Tag Team Championships against The LAW last month in a thrilling TLC Match. This clearly puffed up the already inflated egos of the duo to levels yet unseen, as the new champs declared themselves to be the best tag team in the entire country.

Never ones to shy away from competition, the Street Gang Hooligans took these words as a challenge, and will be arriving in Thornbury intent on taking the titles away from Nick and Mitch!

Will the entertaining and talented Hooligans silence the champions? Or will the Brat Pack back up their braggadocios claims?

Kelly Anne vs. Millie McKenzie

After suffering a loss last month, Kelly Anne is looking to get back into the win column. Unfortunately, her opponent may just be the toughest she’s ever faced: Millie McKenzie!

In what is being labelled as an “International Showdown”, will Kelly Anne overcome the obstacle in her way and do MCW proud? Or will UK’s own McKenzie mark her Melbourne debut with a win over one of the country’s most decorated athletes?

Helter Skelter vs. Preston & Payne

The road to redemption has been rocky for Alan Payne. After being viciously kicked out of Helter Skelter, Payne has attempted to right the wrongs of his involvement with “The Family” by interfering in their business over the past several months. Payne’s original ally, Jonathan Preston, has reemerged and taken up the cause of his former tag team partner, evening the odds and providing some much needed backup. 

At MCW Fallout, these two teams will finally square off in the middle of the ring. With so many emotions involved, will Preston and Payne be able to deliver a crack in the foundation of Helter Skelter? Or will The Family claim another sacrifice in their cause?

Seb Costello and Sebastian Walker Face Off

In last month’s historic winner takes all title match, Seb Costello became involved in the action when Sebastian Walker continued to provide an unfair advantage for his client Gino Gambino behind the referee’s back. Walker and Gambino did not take kindly to this, and issued a warning to the Triple M host that he was walking into a world that he doesn’t understand.

When speaking to MCW interviewer Anna Ashley, Costello doubled down, insisting he was willing to make the ring his “natural habitat.” With both men riled up, a confrontation between the two will take place this Saturday in the ring! What do these two have to say to each other, and what will the outcome be?

Robbie Eagles vs. Slex

In defeating Gino Gambino, Slex made history at Clash of the Titans when he became the company’s first dual champion. This Saturday, “The Business” will defend both his Intercommonwealth title and World Heavyweight titles against “The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles! 

These two competitors have quite the storied history inside the ring. Who will the next chapter favour in Thornbury at MCW Fallout? Does Eagles have Slex in his crosshairs? Or will Business continue to boom?

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