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MCW Fallout Results: Robbie Eagles vs Lochy Hendricks

MCW Fallout kicked off live from the Thornbury Theatre, with the unfortunate announcement that due to a personal emergency SLEX was unable to compete and defend his championships that evening.

Lochy Hendricks invades the ring and is confronted by Robbie Eagles

However before we could kick off the first match, The Loverboy Lochy Hendricks would use this opportunity to march to the ring and berate SLEX and proclaim that his personal ‘Lochy Hendricks fairwell tour’ would end at this year’s Ballroom Brawl, after which he will leave and go to Florida to go work for ‘Uncle Paul’ in Florida.

This would bring out proud competitor Robbie Eagles, who was originally scheduled to face SLEX in tonight’s main event. Tired of listening to Lochy Hendricks, Eagles offered Hendricks a spot in the main event to face him. Despite initially refusing to do so, Hendricks finally relented and agreed to the match.

MCW Tag Team Championships: The Street Gang Hooligans vs The Brat Pack (c)

Fresh off of winning the MCW Tag Team Championships at last months ‘Clash of the Titans’ in a ferocious ladder match, the Brat Pack would get the opportunity to prove they are the best in Australia today by taking on Perth’s number 1 team, The Street Gang Hooligans.

Both Logan Gray and Alex Kingston of the Street Gang Hooligans took The Brat Pack to the limit with their innovative and high flying offense. However despite their best efforts, The Street Gang Hooligans finally fell to The Brat Pack’s tandem offence.

Ritchie Taylor vs DCT

In an absolute fist fight between these two brawlers, we saw DCT take the initial advantage after working on the lower back of Taylor. Although DCT was unsuccessful with a clover leaf submission, DCT continued to work over Taylor in the hopes of wearing him down.

However Ritchie Taylor fought back valiantly. Sadly, DCT would find an opening to successfully land an illegal low blow (which the official didn’t see), after which he landed ‘the greatest knee in Scottish history’ to get the 3 count over Ritchie Taylor.

After DCT arrogantly left the ring, Ritchie Taylor was left devastated by his loss. However he would be greeted by fellow double hard man Mike Burr to make an alliance with Taylor, in the hopes of ridding MCW with the likes of DCT once and for all.

Helter Skelter vs Preston & Payne

With Julian James leading the way, next up we would see the massive heavyweight team of Helter Skelter (Big Ali and Master Andrewartha) come to the ring to face their former stable mate Alan Payne, and his old familiar Jonathon Preston.

In a hard hitting affair, it was a match that saw Preston and Payne finally get the victory. But the real story is what happened after the match.

Jonathon Preston and Alan Payne had Julian James cornered in the ring, looking like they were ready to make him pay for his sins. Julian James pleaded with Preston and Payne, and whilst doing so stated that it was Big Ali and Master Andrewartha who were the ones behind everything.

Then a surprising turn of events, where it appeared Jonathon Preston and Alan Payne forgave Julian James and left him be. However, with Big Ali and Master Andrewartha having heard Julian James throw them under the proverbial bus, they both left their former manager in the ring, a sobbing broken mess. It appears Helter Skelter is no more.

Kellyanne vs Millie McKenzie

Clearly the respect was apparent from both competitors for one another, as the match started with a display of technical wrestling from the stellar competitors, however it soon turned into a battle of who had more heart.

It looked as if Kellyanne was about to win after successfully hitting a succession of cannonballs, however in a split moment, McKenzie hit a defiant spear that knocked the wind out of Kellyanne long enough for McKenzie to get the three counts.

After the match Kellyanne and Millie McKenzie embraced in a show of sports-woman-ship, before Kellyanne left to allow McKenzie to enjoy the crowd’s adulation.

Indi Hartwell vs Avary

This match saw a VERY different Indi Hartwell. Embarrassed and angry that she was the one that was pinned by Avary in last month’s massive three way contest, Indi Hartwell did not show her usual calm and calculating demeanor, instead looking to dismantle Avary in record time.

In a brutal fight between the two peers of the women’s division, official Edwin Lay was accidentally knocked down, just as Avary hit the Daddy Issues Driver for the potential victory.

However, Edwin Lay’s disorientated state allowed a mysterious power house of a woman (later we would find out it was the debuting Steph Delander) to enter the ring and impose her physical will on Avary, allowing Indi Hartwell to steal the victory.

Dowie James vs T Rex vs Tommy Knight

In a match that saw Dowie James force poor ring announcer Lord Andrew Coyne to wear a cat head to announce him, what we saw was a contest of two debuting monsters looking to dominate Dowie James and make a name for themselves at the expense of the former MCW Champion.

And T Rex and Knight were impressive, bringing great size, power and heart to the MCW faithful. However despite all this, the ever resourceful Dowie James was able to overcome the odds and claim the victory courtesy of a ‘Best Moonsault Ever’ out of the corner.

Seb Costello Confronts Sebastian Walker

Last month at Clash of The Titans, Slex was able to dethrone Gino Gambino as world champion, partly thanks to the help of Seb Costello who helped equalize the interference of Gambino’s manager Sebastian Walker.

Since then, Sebastian Walker and Seb Costello have been exchanging words on MCW’s social media, with Sebastian Walker claiming that Seb Costello does not belong in their world, whilst Costello is willing to step up to the plate.

During the confrontation and match was setup between the two at a future date, however before the reality of this could sink in, Big Ali would come out a decimate Seb Costello courtesy of an Air Raid Drop in the corner.

With Seb Costello crushed and being helped out of the ring, Sebastian Walker would continue to laugh at his future opponent, whilst paying off Big Ali.

Loverboy Lochy Hendricks vs Robbie Eagles

In our main event, Lochy Hendricks (as part of his fairwell tour) would face Robbie Eagles one on one to see if Hendricks can truly hang with top line talent like Bullet Club’s own Robbie Eagles.

And a great match it was, with Lochy Hendricks taken one of the biggest steps up in his career to face the future ‘Best of the Super Juniors’ competitor.

Unfortunately for Hendricks, he would get locked into Eagle’s devastating leg submission and the match was seemingly about to close out for the Loverboy.

However never forget Miami, who decided to ring the ringside bell. Eagles, believing he had the match won released the hold. After some conferring between Edwin Lay and ring announcer Lord Andy Coyne, it was announced that the match was still ongoing; allowing Lochy Hendricks to get the roll up and the three count split seconds later.

Lochy Hendricks has just defeated Robbie Eagles in a massive upset.

Thank you for coming to MCW Fallout! Don’t forget we have a number of events coming up in the next few weeks and we can’t wait to see you at them:

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