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The War to Settle the Score: Preview

When: Saturday 18th May 2019
Where: Thornbury Theatre.
Address: 859 High Street. Thornbury VIC
Times: Doors 6:30pm. Show 7.30pm (Sharp)


This Saturday, Thornbury Theatre will be the setting for the culmination of a rivalry that has been months in the making. The road to a championship begins, a Queen will face a usurper, and one of the most faithful followers of Melbourne City Wrestling will step inside the ropes alongside the champion he helped crown.

War to Settle the Score is the first stop of the Intercommonwealth Championship Tournament that will culminate with the finals at Ballroom Brawl. With the bracket in place, the following matches will take place Saturday.

IC Tournament Round 1: Ritchie Taylor vs. Kane Khan

Every month, with every match, Ritchie Taylor find a way to gain more supporters. 2019 has seen Taylor ride a wave of momentum that has solidified him as one of the most popular wrestlers on the MCW roster.

In what may be Ritchie’s toughest challenge yet, the debuting Kane Khan will square off against Taylor in the first round of the Intercommonwealth Championship tournament!

Will Ritchie find a way to harness the support of the crowd and advance? Or will Khan make the most of his debut and put a halt to the rise of Taylor?

IC Tournament Round 1: Fun Time Phil vs.  Lochy Hendricks

The last time these two athletes shared a ring it did not go well for Phil. When FTP lost their match with Aria’s MCW career on the line, “The Loverboy” spared Phil’s lady love  from being fired by allowing him to become the inaugural  member of Lochy’s “Kiss My Ass” club! Humiliating to say the least.

Fun Time Phil will be seeking retribution by defeating Lochy in the first round of the Intercommonwealth Tournament, where he may have the chance to clear the bad taste Henricks left in his mouth. Will Phil hand Lochy his resignation from the Kiss My Ass club? Or will “Loverboy” put an end to the Fun Times once and for all?

IC Tournament Round 1: TD vs. Jett

While his tag team partner Tyson remains on the sidelines due to injury, Jett finds himself with the biggest singles opportunity of his short career thus far, getting a shot at the Intercommonwealth Title by being entered into the tournament!

However, to advance he needs to get through TD, a fighter who knows a thing or two about being underestimated in big fight situations. Will Jett be able to proudly represent the MCW Academy by inching closer to championship gold? Or will TD serve Jett a hard-hitting lesson in paying dues? 

IC Tournament Round 1: DCT vs. Danny Psycho

The self proclaimed “Hardest Man in Melbourne” has possibly the toughest road ahead of him out of any of the other 1st round tournament participants, when he faces MCW’s inaugural Heavyweight Champion: Danny Psycho! 

The emergence of Psycho in this tournament is a testament to just how prestigious the Intercommonwealth Title is. Having retired in 2014, the lure of being a champion once again is clearly to much for the veteran to pass up. However, DCT also knows a thing or two about being champion, and is no doubt planning on showing the crowd that Danny may be Psycho, but he’s the champion of the Insane!

Will Danny Psycho remind MCW why he was their first flag-bearer? Or will DCT make Psycho wish he had stayed retired?

The Brat Pack (c) vs. The Parea

After successfully defending their titles at Fallout, the Brat Pack seemingly feel vindicated in their continued proclamation they are the best Tag Team in the industry. However, when you’re on top, the target on your back is that much larger, and The Parea are looking to pull the trigger on “The Bratty Ones!”

Will The Brat Pack silence another challenger and back up their strong words further? Or will The Parea put a gag order on Nick and Mitch by taking their championships?

 Steph De Lander vs. Avary

Last month, a new alliance emerged in the women’s division, when Steph De Lander interrupted the match between Indi Hartwell and Avary, inserting herself into the action by taking out Avary and allowing “The Impressive One” to steal the win.

Avary is seeking retribution on Saturday when she takes on “The Python Powerhouse” one on one! Will Avary show De Lander why she has been atop the women’s division in 2019 for MCW? Or will Indi return the favour and assist Steph in coming out the winner in her in-ring debut?

Slex & Seb Costello vs. Gino Gambino & Sebastian Walker

A King without a crown. An advocate with nothing to lose. A champion defending the gates against those who wish to invade. And an outsider who has been recruited into the battle.

At War to Settle the Score, former champ Gino Gambino will attempt to get his hands on Seb Costello, the man who Gambino and Walker believe cost Gino the title. Never one to back down, Costello will make his professional wrestling debut with the MCW Heavyweight Champion Slex providing backup. This is by far the most unique Tag Team match Melbourne City Wrestling has ever hosted, and the ramifications will be felt long after the final bell has rung in Thornbury. Will Costello’s tireless training over the past few weeks lead his team to victory? Will Sebastian Walker make good on his promise to forcibly remove Costello from the world of pro wrestling? Will Gambino show Slex just how furious he is at losing his title? Will “The Business” pick up the win with Costello and prove to the MCW faithful that, under his reign, business truly is booming?

Tickets available in limited numbers at the door or online

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