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MCW: Tensions Rising Preview

This Saturday, The road to Ballroom Brawl, and the crowning of a new Intercommonwealth Champion edge a little bit closer, as the chase for gold heats up, returns are celebrated, and family bonds are tested.

At War to Settle the Score, 4 men advanced to the next round of the IC tournament. In July, a new champion will be determined when the final two competitors lay it all on the line. At Tensions Rising, we find out who these two men will be!

IC Championship Tournament Semi Finals: TD vs. Danny Psycho

The chants of “you’ve still got it” that filled Thornbury last month when Danny Psycho was in the ring have never been more deserved. The inaugural MCW Heavyweight Champion demonstrated to a rapt audience that he hasn’t lost a step, and was able to put away DCT to make it to the second round.

In sharp contrast, TD displayed his true colours when he took advantage of the numbers game and stole a win from Jett with the help of Emmanuel, finishing up with delivering a savage 3 on 1 post-match beatdown on the MCW Academy star.

TD won’t find it easy repeating such a devious agenda when his opponent changes from rookie to veteran in Psycho. Can Danny continue his Cinderella story? Or will TD find a way to spoil a fairy tale ending?

IC Championship Tournament Semi Finals: Ritchie Taylor vs. Lochy Hendricks

While Ritchie Taylor and Lochy Hendricks could not seem anymore polar opposites, there are similarities between these two men. Both are gifted wrestlers. Both draw heated and loud responses from the MCW Faithful. And both have found themselves still alive in the quest for championship gold.

That last similarity will fade away come Saturday, when these two face off and only one advances to the IC Championship Finals. Will “The Loverboy Farewell Tour” make another successful stop at the Thornbury Theatre? Or will Taylor roll on and find himself just one step away from the title?

Indi Hartwell vs. Jessica Troy

“The Impressive” Indi Hartwell has been on a dominant streak as of late, due in part to her alliance with Steph Lander. Now standing atop the women’s division once again, Hartwell aims to continue her winning ways when she faces Jessica Troy.

However, Troy is no pushover;  and will be looking to gain footing of her own in Melbourne City Wrestling. Taking out Indi would do the trick for Jessica quite nicely. Will Hartwell and Lander’s partnership come into play once again? Or will Jessica make an impression on Indi and the MCW Faithful?

Mike Burr vs. Matty Wahlberg

One of the most exciting risings stars on the Australian wrestling scene makes his debut for Melbourne City Wrestling when Matty Wahlberg is in action this weekend! Wahlberg is looking to make an impact right out the gate, which is fitting as his opponent is the gatekeeper of MCW: Mike Burr! Will “The Wardog” stop the young upstart? Or will Matty show Melbourne why he is “The 21st Century Success Story”?

Kaz Jordan vs. Atlas Whittaker   

The man formerly known as Campbell Crawford, Atlas Whittaker shocked those gathered in the Thornbury Theatre last month when he made his way to the ring to seemingly aide Jett against his attackers, only to join in on the brutality.

MCW officials intervened before questions could be answered, and all fans have been left with is that Whittaker has seemingly denounced his past self. With a new name and a vicious new attitude, Atlas will be in action Saturday night against Kaz Jordan. Will Jordan be able to assist fans in retrieving answers from the once loved Camby? Or will Whittaker make an example of Kaz and completely rid himself from the man he once was?

Jake Andrewartha Returns

There has been a quietness from the Helter Skelter member in recent weeks. While Jake’s actions usually speak for themselves, the MCW Faithful have noticed a distinct silence at recent events and on social media. The Olympian will make his return at Tensions Rising. What will he have to say?

Kelly Anne vs. Xena

Kelly Anne has more history with MCW than almost anyone on the roster. When her music hits, and the crowd is on their feet, everyone in attendance knows that she deserves and has earned their respect.

But a new challenger also seeks that same respect, and will look to obtain it by defeating the leader of “The Fiend Club”, when the rookie Xena faces the veteran Kelly Anne! Will her experience in the MCW environment guide Kelly Anne to victory? Or will Xena pull off the upset and earn what Kelly Anne has from the crowd?

The Natural Classics vs. The Brat Pack (c) for the MCW Tag Team Championships.

Brothers fight. But brothers also make up. The family that feuds is also the family that has each other’s backs at the worst of times.

Such is the story of Tome and Stevie Filip: The Natural Classics. The last time they shared an MCW ring as a tag team there was turmoil and betrayal. However, with the dominance of The Brat Pack hanging over the Tag Division, the brothers have found themselves on the same page for the bigger cause. They look to end that dominance Saturday night when they aim to walk out of Thornbury Theatre with Tag Team Gold around their waists!

But this will be no easy feat. If there was ever a face of the MCW Tag Division, it is that of the Brat Pack. Nick Bury and Mitch Waterman claim to be the best Tag Team in all of Australia, and their resume backs up that claim. They’ve defeated The Natural Classics before, and they will be laser focused on doing so once again.

Will the bonds of family be enough to overcome “The Bratty Ones”? Or will the champs continue their reign?

Brothers vs. Brats will happen in the main event at Tensions Rising. Make sure you’re there to witness it!

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