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MCW: Tensions Rising Results

This past Saturday, MCW returned to Thornbury theatre for a night where new champions were crowned, fresh faces made their arrival felt, and the journey to a new Intercommonwealth Champion came one step closer to its finale.

Matty Wahlberg defeated Mike Burr

The debut of Wahlberg in MCW was met with boos and jeers from the crowd as Matty did not ingratiate himself with the fans.

While Burr was able to hold his own, ultimately “The 21st Century Success Story” was too much for “The War Dog”, gaining the pinfall in the middle of the ring.

Post-match, Burr attempted to share a beer with Wahlberg, only to have the gesture quite literally thrown back in his face. No respect and no love lost between these two.

Danny Psycho defeated Shaun Young in Round 2 of the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Tournament

Prior to the match, the wrestler formerly known as TD re-introduces himself to the crowd as Shaun Young. Together with Emmanuel and Atlas Whittaker, Young promises to “save” MCW.

Unfortunately for the trio, all that talk was not backed up by action, as Psycho was able to gain the win on Young via pinfall after hitting him with a Jumping Cutter. With this win, Psycho advances to the finals of the tournament at Ballroom Brawl.

Jake Andrewartha (w/Siren Monroe) defeated Zane Zodiac

An impressive return for Andrewartha, as he defeats the debuting Zodiac via submission after locking in a vicious bear hug. This ruthless aggression, combined with a new ally in Siren Monroe, makes the Olympian powerhouse more dangerous than he’s ever been.

Kaz Jordan defeated Atlas Whittaker via DQ

The numbers game come into play for this one when, after an excellent back and forth brawl, Emmanuel and Shaun Young interfere on Whittaker’s behalf and begin a savage beat-down.

Not content to stand idly by while the same scenario is repeated from last month, Jett comes out for the save; only to be overwhelmed himself by the three. Both Jett and Jordan are left lying in the ring, another example made of them by Whittaker and company.

Kelly Anne defeated Xena

The heart and soul of the MCW women’s division is able to get a win after a cannonball in the corner silences the disrespectful Xena. On her phone for ring entrances, and during parts of the actual match, Xena is forced to look up and pay attention once her mobile is snatched away by the leader of “The Fiend Club” and smashed into a million pieces.

Lochy Hendricks (w/Miami) defeated Ritchie Taylor

Lochy wins this one with the help of some ringside distractions. After Miami is ejected from ringside due to one too many blatant interferences, a figure clad in an MCW hoodie jumps the barrier and is restrained by security. It is revealed that the mysterious individual is none other than DCT, no doubt there to continue his personal vendetta against Taylor.

As soon as “The Loverboy” steals the pin and the bell rings, Taylor shoots out of the ring towards DCT like a bat out of hell and begins a wild brawl that carries all the way up the ramp and backstage.

Danny Psycho and Lochy Hendricks face to face

With the two finalists determined, the belt is brought out and the fighters are allowed a few words with each other. Never one to mince words, Hendricks makes his intentions known for ending the “Loverboy Farewell Tour” with a bang; claiming he will be bringing the Intercommonwealth Championship to Stamford so he can give it to “Uncle Paul” to throw in the trash!

Danny Psycho emulates the classic adage “actions speak louder than words” when he drops Hendricks with a Jumping Cutter to the delight of the crowd. These two fighters now officially have a date at Ballroom Brawl,

Jessica Troy defeated Indi Hartwell.

“The Impressive One” was left stunned when “The Jesstroyer” forced Indi to tap out cleanly in the middle of the ring!

The Natural Classics defeated The Brat Pack (c) to win the MCW Tag Team Championships.

The Filip Brothers were united in their game plan to win championship gold; working as a cohesive unit the entire night and gaining the win over Nick and Mitch after a high flying, exciting, and intense battle.

With Tensions Rising in the record books, the stage is set for MCW’s annual extravaganza: Ballroom Brawl. The audience in attendance found out the a returning TK Cooper will be participating. Who else will enter Thornbury Theatre next month and cement their legacy? Who will walk away as the new Intercommonwealth Champion?

MCW’s biggest show of the year happens July 20th. Don’t miss it!

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