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MCW Ballroom Brawl Preview

It begins, as most things in this industry do, with a dream.

A dream of reaching the highest level of success. A dream of immortality. A dream of a legion of devoted fans chanting your name.

For those who put in the work and leave all reservations at the door, the chance for those dreams to become a reality happens once a year. This coming Saturday, that time has come once again for the dreamers. The time has come for Ballroom Brawl!

Aunty Donna To Host

As if the evening couldn’t be anymore exciting, the boys of Aunty Donna will host the entirety of Ballroom Brawl! Fresh off their Glennridge Graduation Tour, the MCW faithful have the opportunity to experience some of the funniest talents in the country. What do the trio have in store for Melbourne City Wrestling?

Matty Wahlberg vs. Dowie James vs. TK Cooper

Two former MCW World Heavyweight Champions and a dangerous newcomer will face off in a potential show-stealer. It’s been nearly a year since TK Cooper has been seen inside an MCW ring. Will his return be  marred by the brash upstart Wahlberg? Will Dowie James, the man that Cooper took the MCW Title from, achieve vindication by winning this triple threat? Or will TK show the MCW faithful he hasn’t missed a beat?

Kelly Anne & Jessica Troy vs. LUX vs. Indi Hartwell & Steph De Lander

It will be tag team turmoil when 3 dynamic duos meet in the centre of the ring for a battle that carries professional and personal ramifications for all competitors.

Kelly Anne and Jessica Troy have engaged in classic matches against one another in the past. With Kelly Anne declaring on social media that Troy has a “fiend” in her, their rivalry will be put on hold in order to test the waters as a team.

Their chemistry needs to be strong enough to withstand a team that is the personification of “Impressive”: Indi Hartwell and Steph De Lander. Hartwell and De Lander have had each other’s backs in singles matches for the past few months. With the two teaming up officially for the first time in this match, will it mark the beginning of a division domination?

Not if LUX have anything to say about it! Kingsley and Xena have already proven what they will do to get to the Thornbury theatre this Saturday. If Border Security couldn’t stop them, do the other 4 women in the match have any chance?

Jake Andrewartha will be in Action

Last month Jake Andrewartha made a vicious return to MCW, debuting a new look, new attitude, and a new ally in Siren Monroe. MCW Management has announced that Andrewartha will compete at Ballroom Brawl. Will we see a repeat of the dominance displayed the last time the former Olympian was in the ring? 

The Natural Classics vs. The Velocities

Last month, the Filip brothers made good on their promise to capture the MCW Tag Team Championships away from The Brat Pack. Their first title defence comes in the form of Jude London and Paris De Silva; collectively known as The VeloCities!

Can The Natural Classics continue their momentum with a victory against their challengers? Or will The VeloCities prove to be a force to be reckoned with?

Danny Psycho vs. Lochy Hendricks: Intercommonwealth Championship Tournament Final

8 men have been whittled down to 2. After successfully winning two prior matches each, The Loverboy and The Psycho will square off for the chance to be crowned the new Intercommonwealth Champion!

Both fighters desire the championship for very different reasons. For Danny, the road to his comeback could end in the most spectacular fashion on Satirday; with the Intercommonwealth Title being strapped around his waist.  For Lochy, the “Loverboy Farewell Tour” also ends with the title, but used as a deranged token of loyalty to his “Uncle Paul” in Florida! 

Can Danny Psycho triumph and keep the championship in Australia? Or will Hendricks make good on his promise and take the title to the other side of the world?

Slex (c) vs. JK Moody: MCW World and SPW New Zealand Championships

Last weekend Slex defeated Marcus Kool to become the new SPW Champion. In addition to the MCW World Heavyweight Championship he carries, “The Business” now holds the top titles in both Australia and New Zealand!

But such success brings with it an even bigger target on Slex’s back, with a challenger declaring his intention to take both championships. That man is “The Antidote” JK Moody!

Moody and Slex needed to be pulled apart last weekend. No such obstacles will be in place come Saturday, where this rivalry will boil over in the ring!  Will Business continue to Boom? Or will Moody find the antidote to relieve the champion of his titles?

The MCW Ballroom Brawl

At the forefront of the evening is the titular Ballroom Brawl Rumble.

Featuring 20 participants entering at 90 second intervals, The winner will receive a contendership opportunity for the MCW World Heavyweight Championship that can be cashed in anywhere, any place, and at any time.

Winning the rumble is simple in theory, but difficult in its execution; eliminate all other competitors by throwing them over the top rope, with both feet hitting the floor, and be the last man standing!

Many familiar faces from across the world have already declared their intention to win the Rumble, with each making a valid argument for their projected victory. Those who have deemed themselves “ready to rumble” include the likes of DCT, Jett Rouka, Mike Burr, Ritchie Taylor, and former champion Gino Gambino to name just a few. 

With so much on the line, who will be victorious and go on to challenge for the most prestigious championship in Australian wrestling? This Saturday, at the Thornbury Theatre, we will find out.

The time for dreaming is over. Reality beckons. Time to wake up. 

Limited tickets available online and at the door.