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MCW Ballroom Brawl Results

Ballroom Brawl 2019 is now in the history books, but the ramifications of Saturday night will be felt for a long time to come.

Champions were crowned, Championships were defended, and a returning warrior made his burning desire to be Champion known.

Aunty Donna Welcomes Us

The hilarious trio of guest hosts for Ballroom Brawl make their way to the ring and express their excitement and gratitude to be at Thornbury. Before they can finish, Gino Gambino and Sebastian Walker make their way out.

After some back and forth verbal sparring, Aunty Donna drops a blockbuster announcement: Sebastian Walker will be competing in the Ballroom Brawl Rumble later in the night!

The Natural Classics (c) defeated the VeloCities to retain the Melbourne City Wrestling Tag Team Championships

An exciting and action packed opening bout saw the Filip Brothers retain their championships against the talented Jude London and Paris De Silva via pinfall. 

Jake Andrewartha (w/Siren Monroe) defeated  Jax Jordan

In another dominating performance, Andrewartha easily defeats the agile Jordan by applying brute force; tossing Jax around the ring before applying a viscous bear hug to submit “The Party Boy”.

Jessica Troy & Kelly Anne defeated LUX and Indi Hartwell & Steph De Lander

A fantastic triple threat match that ended when the unlikely alliance of Troy and Kelly Anne simultaneously apply submissions to Kingsley and Xena, resulting in a double tap out.

 Post-math, Indi addresses the MCW faithful from the heart, declaring that every goal she has set in Australia has been met. Telling the crowd it’s time to spread her wings, “The Impressive One” shares a hug with De Lander, only for “The Python Powerhouse” to lay out Hartwell with a sickening slam! 

Matty Wahlberg defeated TK Cooper and Dowie James

Wahlberg finds a way to spoil Cooper’s return to MCW in this triple threat, hitting a curb stomp on “The South Pacific Powerhouse” and allowing “The 21st Century Success Story” to continue.

Danny Psycho defeated Lochy Hendricks (w/Miami) for the Melbourne City Wrestling Intercommonwealth Championship.

In a battle for the ages that included not so subtle emulations of his future boss (that of course being Uncle Paul) “The Loverboy” gave the MCW Faithful a farewell fight to remember! 

Hendricks attempted to take every shortcut in winning the IC Title, utilizing the help of Miami at ringside and a well placed sledgehammer from under the apron. 

It was all for naught however, as the OG Psycho outlasted Lochy’s tricks on his way to becoming the new Intercommonwealth Champion! The finish came when Lochy tried for a spear, but hit Miami instead, allowing Danny to hit the Psycho Cutter for the pinfall!

After the final bell rings, Matty Wahlberg makes his way out to declare his intentions to face the best Melbourne has to offer. Since Danny has the title, that makes him the best, and a challenge for New Horizons is made!

Slex (c) defeated JK Moody for the SPW Heavyweight Championship and MCW World Championship.

A very competitive match between “The Antidote” and “The Business” ends when The defending champ hits Slexecution on Moody for the pinfall.

Adam Brooks wins the Ballroom Brawl Rumble

Entering at Number 17, the returning Brooks receives a thunderous ovation from the Thornbury Theatre!

With “The Loose Ledge” and “Super” Dowie James being the final two competitors in the rumble, Brooks is able to knock his former tag teammate over the top rope and off the apron to secure an MCW World Championship Title shot whenever he chooses.

Adam Brooks doesn’t waste time in letting the MCW Faithful know when he will use his Ballroom Brawl opportunity, calling Slex out to the ring and declaring his intentions to cash in at New Horizons!

With two blockbuster title matches already announced for August, what else is in store when New Horizons makes its way to Thornbury? Make sure you’re there to witness it all!

MCW New Horizons Takes place Saturday, August 31st at Thornbury Theatre

Tickets now available