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Slex vs. Brooks: A History

Friends. Enemies. Rivals. Respect.


Many words come to mind when thinking about the upcoming match between Adam Brooks and Slex for the MCW World Championship. Both have had storied careers that intertwine and parallel each other throughout their individual milestones.

When Adam Brooks announced his intention to cash in his Ballroom Brawl title opportunity, The MCW Faithful in attendance knew that this would be no ordinary championship battle.

In what may well and truly be the final chapter of the story between The Loose Ledge and The Business, it’s important to understand exactly how these two warriors arrived at this moment. While August 31st marks their final battle, the dates that preceded need to be taken into consideration.

A Champion is Crowned

New Horizons, April 16, 2011

In a match against the defending champion Danny Psycho, Slex was able to score the victory and become the second ever MCW World Championship holder. Coincidentally, a young Adam Brooks was also competing on this night; teaming with Matt Silva against KrackerJak and Mike Peterson. With the main event going in the  favour of Slex, The Business becomes the first amongst Brooks and himself to hold championship gold.

Arrivals and Departures

Clash of the Titans, April 13 2013

While Slex held the championship for an impressive 287 days, his reign came to an end at the hands of Adam Brooks’s trainer, mentor, and best friend Matt Silva.

Shockingly, Adam Brooks would later betray Silva and cost him the belt. At Clash of the Titans, Silva attempted to gain revenge in what was his last match before departing to begin his career in WWE

Matt came up short against Brooks and, in what was undoubtedly the biggest victory of his career to that point, The Loose Ledge is able to put away the man that Slex could not.

The First Encounter

Third Year Extravaganza, October 5 2013

After defeating Silva, Adam Brooks would go on a 6 month undefeated streak; defeating a who’s who that includes the likes of KrackerJak, Robbie Eagles, and Jonah Rock. Yet one challenger made his presence known in dramatic fashion, informing Brooks that his stronghold over MCW was about to end. That challenger is none other than Slex.

In the very first match between these two, The Ledge and The Business take each other to the limit, delivering an unforgettable match that many of The MCW Faithful still remember to this day.

Ultimately, it was Slex whose hand was raised at the end of the evening. In a very real way though, there were no losers on this night. While leaving everything they had in the ring, Slex and Brooks gain the adoration of the fans, and the respect of each other.

They fought The LAW and The LAW won

 Final Battle, November 30, 2013

Brooks would resume his winning ways shortly after the match against Slex; teaming with Dowie James and setting their sights on the MCW Tag Team Titles! Anointing themselves The Loose and the Wreckless (The LAW), Adam and Dowie defeat Jett and Nick Armstrong to win the championships, giving Brooks his first taste of gold in Melbourne City Wrestling.

Slex Returns

Vendetta, January 9 2016

Interestingly enough, after defeating Adam Brooks Slex would not compete in MCW for over 2 years. He makes his return at Vendetta, where he gains a victory over the future inaugural NXT UK  Champion Tyler Bate.

Singles Glory

At Our Best, February 13 2016

Not to be outdone, the very next event Melbourne City Wrestling holds would see Adam Brooks defeat his former Tag Team partner Dowie James for the Intercommonwealth Title. Adam Brooks becomes the second ever IC Champion in MCW History, drawing an interesting parallel to Slex;  the second ever MCW World Champion during his title reign.

Familiar Foes and Strange Bedfellows

Tensions Rising, April 30 2016

A few short months later, Brooksy is able to gain a modicum of revenge against the man who defeated him years prior; when he and Hartley Jackson gain the win in a Tag Team match over Elliott Sexton and Slex.

The Aerial Assassin Arrives

Ballroom Brawl, July 15 2017

In what is arguably the biggest battle in MCW history to this point, international sensation Will Ospreay competes against Adam Brooks for the Intercommonwealth Championship for over 20 action packed minutes. While Brooks is unsuccessful in defending his title, this match becomes legendary amongst Australian pro-wrestling fans, and is still talked about to this day.

With The Ledge going toe to toe with The Aerial Assassin, Brooks’s reputation as one of the best wrestlers in the country expands, and tours around the globe follow shortly hereafter.

Business With The Rainmaker

November Rain, November 11 2017

If Will Ospreay’s appearance in Melbourne City Wrestling had The MCW Faithful abuzz, what followed months later would generate unprecedented levels of excitement; As then-IWGP Champion Kazuchika Okada arrives to answer Slex’s challenge to anyone in any promotion looking for a fight.

Okada is quite possibly the most successful wrestler on the entire planet at this point in time, and Slex takes him to the limit in a hard fought battle that has the world talking.

In a single calendar year, two global megastars compete in MCW. With these two now-classic matches, the careers of Adam Brooks and Slex gain even more similarities.

Back to Back Champions

New Horizons, October 5 2018 & End Game, November 17 2018

With Slex steadily stringing together a successful series of title defences as the Intercommonwealth Champion, Adam Brooks returns at New Horizons to challenge The Business for the title. What follows is a duo of back to back MOTY contenders;  with the two giants facing off in the ring and delivering instant classics.

Brooks will win the belt in the first exchange, becoming a record 4 time IC Champion.

In the sequel, Slex regains the title from Brooksy; and goes on to make history in the coming months…

The Kingslayer

Clash of the Titans, March 16 2019

With MCW World Champion Gino Gambino running roughshod throughout Melbourne City Wrestling, Intercommonwealth Champion Slex issues a challenge that takes place on this evening in March; Title vs. Title, winner takes all!

After a perfectly timed Slexecution, “The Business” puts an end to Gambino’s reign of terror, and ushers in a new chapter for the biggest prize in all of Australian wrestling.

The Challenge

Ballroom Brawl, July 20 2019

Making his shocking return to a thunderous ovation, Adam Brooks enters the Ballroom Brawl and outlasts 20 other competitors to win a World Title opportunity at his choosing.

The GLOAT doesn’t waste time in letting The MCW Faithful know when to expect his cash in, as he calls out Slex to challenge him to his face at New Horizons!

The Final Chapter??

New Horizons, August 31 2019

Only time will tell what the next segment in the history between these two entails. Will Brooks achieve the one accomplishment that has eluded him? Will Slex be successful in his biggest title defence yet?

The MCW World Championship is on the line when Slex takes on Adam Brooks at MCW New Horizons on Saturday 31 August! Tickets are selling fast – http://bit.ly/mcwnh2019

Posted by Melbourne City Wrestling on Sunday, 18 August 2019

The history of these two runs deep. Make sure you’re a part of history on August 31st, when another moment in time will be captured.

Tickets available online and in limited quantities at the door

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