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With Ballroom Brawl in the rear-view mirror, Saturday night in Thornbury will see MCW’s finest competitors lace up their boots once again. With 6 matches on the card, enemies will come face to face, championships will be defended, and old rivalries will be settled once and for all in order to move on to New Horizons.

Jett Rouka, Kaz Jordan, & Jake Lindo vs. Disruption

With the newly formed stable causing chaos wherever they show up, Disruption certainly have been living up to their name. After individually finding themselves on the receiving end of Disruption’s twisted strength in numbers methodology,  Jett, Kaz, and The Player will team up to even the odds!

Will the three fan favourites be able to rally against the powerful new force in MCW? Or will Atlas, Emmanuel, and Shaun continue to disrupt the foundation of professional wrestling in Australia?

The Natural Classics vs. The Brat Pack: MCW Tag Team Championship Match

The Brat Pack find themselves with another shot at regaining the MCW Tag Team Titles when they square off against the current champions: The Natural Classics. Tome and Stevie have shown that they are a well oiled machine in the ring; working in sync against their opponents in recent matches. Yet The Brat Pack are among the best Tag Teams Melbourne City Wrestling has ever seen, and their desire to win back the belts is at a fever pitch.

Will the Natural Classics be successful in their second match-up against The Bratty Ones? Or Will Nick and Mitch make history and become record 4 time MCW Tag Team Champions?

Indi Hartwell vs. Steph De Lander

They were an unstoppable duo until, shockingly, Steph De Lander turned her back on Indi Hartwell at Ballroom Brawl. Best friends have turned to bitter enemies who will settle their business in the ring!

Will The Impressive one exact revenge? Or will The Powerhouse Python send Indi out of the country on her back?

DCT vs. Ritchie Taylor: Street Fight

The feud between DCT and Taylor will come to a head in the Thornbury Theatre, where the rule book is tossed out and savagery is in full effect!

For months, Ritchie and DCT have been costing each other matches, opportunities, and their collective sanity. The hatred between these two is very real, and the ring won’t be able to contain the type of fight these two will engage in. Therefore, MCW Officials have deemed this match to be a Street Fight.

Will the self proclaimed Hardest Man in Melbourne live up to his name? Or will Taylor roll on through the punishment to pick up the win?

 Danny Psycho vs. Matty Wahlberg: MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Match

Last month, Danny Psycho was able to complete his journey through the Intercommonwealth Championship Tournament and win the prestigious title. However, his coronation was immediately interrupted by Matty Wahlberg, who claimed he was looking to fight the best that Melbourne has to offer. With Psycho now having gold around his waist, that makes him the ideal target for Matty.

Will Psycho show that his ascension in the IC Tournament was just the beginning of this second chapter? Or will Danny’s Cinderella Story be ended by The 21st Century Success Story?

Slex vs. Adam Brooks: MCW World Championship Match

Several months ago, Adam Brooks spoke passionately about the one accomplishment in his career that has eluded him: The MCW World Championship. With his surprise return and subsequent entry last month into The Ballroom Brawl, The GLOAT earned himself a chance to rectify that when he outlasted 20 other competitors to win a crack at the top title!

Slex has been a dominant champion while Brooks has been touring the world; successfully defending his championship on numerous occasions. However, the history between these two runs deep; and come Saturday, The Business will find himself across the ring from someone who knows him better than almost anyone else in MCW.

Will Brooks achieve everything that he has worked for over the past 9 years? Or will Slex put an end to The Loose Ledge’s championship aspirations?

It all goes down this Saturday at Thornbury Theatre!

Tickets available online or in limited quantities at the door.