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This weekend MCW will celebrate the past 9 years of high octane, high flying action that has cemented Melbourne City Wrestling’s status as the destination in Australia for wrestlers and wrestling fans alike. Over the course of two back-to-back evenings an inaugural champion will be crowned, a lingering feud comes to the foreground of the Thornbury Theatre, and a beloved aerial warrior once again lands in his home away from home.

Shaun Young vs. Ritchie Taylor

Coming off a spectacular showing in a thrilling street fight last month against DCT, Ritchie Taylor hopes to keep the momentum going Friday night when he faces off against Shaun Young!

With the constant threat of Disruption looming over any ring that Young steps into, Taylor will need to have eyes in the back of his head. Will Shaun once again play the underhanded numbers game to steal a win? Or will the heart of Ritchie Taylor prove too large to be disrupted?

Emman the Kid vs. Jett Rouka vs. Royce Chambers

A Triple Threat with huge championship implications; Night 1 will see these three high flyers face off to the delight of the MCW Faithful. As if the thrill of victory wasn’t enough motivation, the winner of this battle will go on to face Danny Psycho for his Intercommonwealth Championship on Night 2!

All three men have something to prove in this match; and with a chance to become champion at stake there is no doubt that all the stops will be pulled out.

Who will emerge victorious, and will they make lightning strike twice by defeating Danny Psycho on Saturday?

Slex & Adam Brooks vs. Caveman Ugg & Hartley Jackson

Last month’s opponents now find themselves teammates as per the mandate of MCW Management. As a show of sportsmanship, MCW World Champion Slex and Adam Brooks will be in tag team action before they face off in a rematch for the title come November.

However, there is a very real chance these two warriors won’t make it to their fight in one piece if their opponents have anything to say about it. On Night 1, standing in the opposite side of the ring will be the powerhouse duo of Caveman Ugg and the returning Hartley Jackson!

Ugg and Jackson make up one of the most physically imposing teams that the MCW Faithful has ever seen; something Brooksy and The Business will need to be on the same page for to overcome. Will these two find a way to work together? Or will Ugg and Hartley turn Friday evening into a living nightmare for the champ and his number one contender?

The Natural Classics vs. Will Ospreay and Kyle Fletcher

When management announced that Aussie Open member Mark Davis would be unable to compete due to injury, many fans were understanding but disappointed. However, a devoted member of the MCW family heard of the situation and offered himself as a replacement partner for Kyle Fletcher. That family man is none other that the Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay, returning for the first time since MCW 100!

Kyle and Will will not have an easy task Night 1. Their opponents are none other than former MCW Tag Team Champions The Natural Classics, who will be looking to capitalise on any opportunity they can get to regain their titles. That opportunity is up in the air for both teams, as the winners of this fight proceed to face current champions The Brat Pack on Night 2!

Do Fletcher and Ospreay have the time to formulate tag team chemistry to compete with the well oiled machine of the Filip brothers? Or Will Tom and Stevie show the Night 1 crowd that they BOTH are better?

Mike Burr vs. DCT

After months of pent up frustration, verbal attacks, and physical assaults The War Dog and The Hardest Man in Melbourne will go head to head on Night 2!

In his relatively short time in Australia, DCT has had a particular sort of sick fascination with Mike Burr; calling him out every chance he can get. Never one to back down from any sort of fight, Burr will look to silence his tormentor and command respect.

Will Mike be successful in this mission? Or will DCT find a way to put down The War Dog?

MCW Invitational Tournament to Crown the First Ever MCW Women’s Champion

It’s finally time. After 9 long years, a Women’s Championship will be part of Melbourne City Wrestling. And in order to begin the legacy of this title in the most spectacular way possible, MCW has invited 8 of the top female wrestlers in the world today to compete in a tournament over the course of both nights to crown the first ever champion!

The tournament bracket is a who’s who of wrestlers that have proven themselves both in Melbourne and around the globe. With such immense talent on display, there is a case to be made for any of the 8 fighters.

Will it be Avary, fresh from a tour of Japan, to be the first one to hold the belt high in the air?

Will Steph De Lander continue the path of destruction she began when she took out Indi Hartwell last month?

What about the veteran Kelly Anne? Or either member of LUX?

Could Kiwi inspiration Candy Lee add another historic title win to her already impressive resume?

Or could Jessica Troy continue to rack up victories in MCW by powering through the tournament?

Does Tarlee have what it takes to win it all?

Both nights of MCW Nine will deliver history and unforgettable matches. Make sure you’re there for it all.

Tickets are available in limited quantities at the door or online.