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MCW NINE: Night 1 Results

The path to crown the inaugural MCW Women’s Champion kicked off last night, with 4 action packed matches featuring the top female competitors in the world today!

In addition; Number One Contenders emerged, rivals made strange bedfellows, and The MCW Faithful made sure that every match felt electric.

Kelly Anne defeated Kingsley

Despite Xena’s best efforts to distract the official while at ringside, the leader of The Fiend Club was able to defeat the LUX member via pinfall after a vicious corner cannonball. 

Jett Rouka defeated Emman the Kid and Royce Chambers

After a dazzling display of aerial acrobatics, Jett gets the pinfall via a cutter to Emman. With this victory, Rouka becomes the Number One Contender for the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.

Candy Lee defeated Xena

The Kiwi sensation put away the other half of LUX to advance to the semi-finals of the Invitational Tournament.

Slex & Adam Brooks defeated Caveman Ugg and Hartley Jackson

Slex and Brooksy, although opponents come November, find a way to work together to put away the physically intimidating duo of Ugg and Jackson; with Brooks landing a Swanton Bomb and Slex following up with Slexecution to the Caveman.

Post-match, Hartley Jackson helps his fallen partner to his feet, only to put Ugg down again with a vicious slam! Jackson’s return to MCW becomes memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

Jessica Troy defeated Tarlee

Troy advances to Night 2 by making Tarlee tap in the middle of the ring.

Ritchie Taylor defeated Shaun Young

Taylor continues his winning ways with a victory over Young, hitting Young with a modified piledriver and getting the 1-2-3. 

After the bell rings, the rest of Disruption enters the ring to deliver a brutal beat-down on Taylor. However, just when hope seems lost, The War Dog Mike Burr charges out to even the odds! With the two able to fend off Disruption, Burr and Taylor share a fist bump of mutual respect. 

Steph De Lander defeated Avary

The size discrepancy was too large for Avary to overcome; valiantly attempting to make it past The Python Powerhouse, but inevitably coming up short. De Lander continues the hot streak she is currently on by taking out a tournament favourite in the first round. 

Kyle Fletcher & Will Ospreay defeated The Natural Classics

In what was arguably the match of the night, Fletcher and Ospreay displayed a natural chemistry in working over the Filip Brothers. A hard fought and very even battle finally saw The modified Aussie Open score the pinfall, becoming the Number on Contenders to the Brat Pack’s Tag Team Titles on Night 2.

The first half of MCW’s ninth anniversary lived up to all expectations. With the card solidified for tonight’s matches, will new champions be crowned? Who will make history as the first ever MCW Women’s Champion?

It all goes down live at Thornbury Theatre! 

Tickets available in limited quantities at the door or online