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MCW NINE: Night 2 Results

On Saturday night, the ninth anniversary of Melbourne City Wrestling came to a conclusion with match after match of exciting action! And with a historic new champion crowned, the landscape of MCW has forever changed.

Dowie James arrives

The controversial figure makes his way to the ring to begin explaining his actions last month when he ended the MCW Championship match between Slex and Adam Brooks via unprovoked chairshots to both. Before James gets too far into his speech, both Slex and Brooks invade the ring and deliver retaliation to Dowie.

MCW Management gets involved when it is announced that Dowie James will be added to the title match at End Game!

Steph De Lander defeated Candy Lee

In the first semi-final match of the MCW Invitational Tournament, The Powerhouse Python gets the pinfall to advance for a shot at the MCW Women’s Championship.

Kellyanne defeated Jessica Troy

An incredible display of technical wrestling is put on by both women before Kellyanne is able to hit the cannonball for the win and for advancement into the finals of the tournament.

Kellyanne’s celebration is short lived, however, when Steph De Lander rushes out to deliver a cheap shot with a chair to her newly minted opponent for the main event of the evening!

Hartley Jackson defeated Caveman Ugg

This heavyweight brawl was as hard hitting as expected; with some surprising high flying manoeuvres executed along the way by Caveman Ugg! It unfortunately isn’t enough to get Ugg the victory, as Jackson is able to land a Death Valley Driver for the 1-2-3.

The Brat Pack (c) defeated Aussie Arrow to retain the MCW Tag Team Championships.

An exciting, back-and-forth match comes to a disappointing end when Gino Gambino pulls Will Ospreay out of the ring to deliver a piledriver onto the entrance ramp, allowing The Brat Pack to pin Kyle Fletcher to keep their belts.

Post-match, Gino explains his anger at Ospreay for stealing Robbie Eagles away from Bullet Club. Because of this, Gambino promises faction warfare in MCW in 2020!

Mike Burr defeated DCT

This very personal match is able to produce a fairy tale ending when The War Dog avenges the disrespect DCT displayed to Burr’s family, pinning the Scotsman and celebrating with his son in the ring.

Post-match, DCT gets on the mic to lament his losing streak. He then issues an open challenge to anyone in the locker room to back in the win column. Unfortunately for him, that challenge is taken up by Jake Andrewartha!

Jake Andrewartha w/Siren Monroe defeated DCT

Short work was made out of The Hardest Man in Melbourne as Andrewartha displays his Judo proficiency by throwing DCT around like a rag-doll, mercifully ending it with a pinfall.

LUX defeated Tarlee & Avary

LUX show their true colours in this match when tea is thrown into the eyes of Avary, allowing Xena to capitalise off the distraction and get the pin on Tarlee.

Danny Psycho (c) defeated Jett Rouka to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.

Psycho’s experience is able to withstand the heart of Rouka, as this excellent match comes to an end with Danny pinning Jett to continue his title reign.

After the match, Psycho helps Rouka to his feet in a show of respect for the young upstart. However, both men are quickly knocked back down again by Hartley Jackson, who rushes the ring on the attack! Jackson clearly has his sights set on the Intercommonwealth title, and Psycho is a marked man.

Steph De Lander defeated Kellyanne to become the inaugural MCW Women’s Champion.

A hard hitting match between both women sees The Powerhouse Python claim the victory over The Fiend Club Leader after continuing the vicious assault that started earlier in the night. While there is no denying the toughness and the heart of Kellyanne, it isn’t enough to fend off De Lander; and after the pinfall victory, Melbourne City Wrestling has its first ever Women’s Champion!

With the main event solidified for End Game, and a champion ready to continue her dominance in MCW, November in Thornbury is shaping up to be a blockbuster! Make sure you’re there for all the action next month!