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This Saturday, Melbourne City Wrestling once again returns to the Thornbury Theatre for an evening of fierce competition and heated rivalries.

With tensions boiling over for the past few months in the title picture, alongside a newly crowned champion defending her title for the first time, the MCW Faithful will well and truly experience the End Game!

Lena Kross vs. Avary

Still recovering from her loss in the MCW Women’s Championship Tournament, Avary will be seeking redemption when she takes on Lena Kross!

However, Kross will no doubt have something to say regarding Avary using her as a stepping stone in her journey.

Will Avary begin this next chapter in her career with a win? Or will Lena “Kross Out” Avary on her list of defeated opponents?

 Robbie Eagles vs. Emman The Kid

Fresh from his tour of Japan, Eagles will touch down in Thornbury to battle Emman The Kid!

While competing in the Land of the Rising Sun, Eagles has been on fire as both a singles fighter and as one half of a tag team with Will Ospreay.

However, Emman has been a world traveler in his own right throughout his career, and is looking to show Eagles that he can fly to the same heights as Robbie!

Will The Sniper of the Skies take out another victim? Or will Emman show he’s not Kidding around?

 The Bullet Club in Action

Last month, a returning Gino Gambino attacked Will Ospreay during his Tag Team Championship match; letting Ospreay know that he was none to pleased about Robbie Eagles leaving The Bullet Club for CHAOS.

A Faction War has been declared by Gambino, and General Fale and Gino will no doubt make a display of their power when they are in action Saturday. What do The Bullet Club have in mind, and will Chaos take notice?

 Jett and Jordan vs. The Brat Pack vs. Last of a Dying Breed for the MCW Tag Team Championships

Over the past few months Ritchie Taylor and Mike Burr have gone back and forth between being rivals in the ring to uneasy allies outside it. They will finally make their partnership official by competing for the MCW Tag Team Titles under the moniker Last of a Dying Breed.

Jett and Jordan have formed a partnership of their own, and will look to have their first taste of gold in MCW by competing in this match as well.

However, both teams will need to get past the most decorated team in Melbourne City Wrestling history: The Brat Pack. Having recently competed with Ring of Honor in the UK, Nick and Mitch are as strong a unit as they’ve ever been.

Will either team be able to take the belts off of The Bratty ones? Or will the 4-time champions add another successful title defense to their impressive resume?

Danny Psycho vs. Hartley Jackson for the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship

Danny Psycho has been enjoying unprecedented success since returning to MCW. Not only has he won gold, but has defended that gold on multiple occasions with thrilling performances in each.

However, Hartley Jackson has also returned to MCW, and has made it clear after attacking Psycho last month that he has his eyes set on the Intercommonwealth Title!

Will Danny Psycho continue his winning ways? Or will Hartley Jackson turn Danny’s Cinderella Story into a Nightmare?

 Steph De Lander vs. KellyAnne: No Holds Barred Match for the MCW Women’s Championship 

History was made last month when the very first Women’s Champion was crowned during a hard fought match between Steph De Lander and KellyAnne. This weekend, the two will face off again for the Title in a No Hold Barred Match!

One can only assume what these two have in store for each other when the rules fly out the window. Will the Powerhouse Python shut down The Fiend Club? Or will KellyAnne issue a receipt for the sneak attack De Lander delivered last month?

Dowie James vs. Slex vs. Adam Brooks: Elimination Match for the MCW  World Championship

So much more than a Championship is at stake in this Main Event.

For Dowie James, it’s about proving a point; a point that he is willing to die for. How can someone say they love MCW more than he does when they leave to compete elsewhere for months at a time? James believes he deserves to be Champion for the loyalty he has on display for his company.

For Adam Brooks, it’s about the culmination of a career that has had incredible milestones throughout. For every title earned, every dream match fought, and every country visited, the one title that has eluded him has been the MCW World Championship. To win this would close the circle and let him appreciate everything that has come before, and what will come after.

For Slex, it’s about defending his Championship against the two of the very best to ever lace up their boots in Australia. To defeat both Brooks and James on the same night would help solidify his status as the greatest MCW Champion in history.

3 men at the top of their games. 2 eliminations. 1 Championship.

The End Game is in site. be there for it.

Tickets available online or in limited quantities at the door