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This past Saturday evening, Melbourne City Wrestling descended down in Thornbury for yet another packed card of hard hitting action.

With the final event of the calendar year in the books, MCW ended on a high note; culminating in the realisation of a 9 year journey. 

The Brat Pack (c) defeated Jett & Jordan and The Last of a Dying Breed to retain the MCW Tag Team Championships.

An intense opening match between three talented teams finishes with The Brat Pack stealing the pinfall to retain their titles.

Disruption Attacks

Post-match, Disruption hits the ring to deliver a beat down on The Last of a Dying Breed, making quick work out of Ritchie Taylor and Mike Burr. Atlas Whittaker grabs the microphone and informs The MCW Faithful that Disruption has taken over the Tag Team Division. Whittaker then issues an open challenge to any team in the back.

That challenge is answered by Gino Gambino and General Fale!

The Bullet Club defeated Disruption

In what ends up being a very quick and one-sided affair, Fale gets the pinfall on Shaun Young via a Choke Lariat Slam.

When the dust settles, Gambino informs the crowd that The Bullet Club has fired the first shots in the war against CHAOS, a war that will continue throughout 2020!

Avary defeated Lena Kross

Avary gets back on track with a win over Kross after hitting Daddy Issues for the one-two-three.

Jake Andrewartha defeated Fun Time Phil

In a match that was uncomfortable to watch at times, Andrewartha puts an end to Phil via multiple strikes to the head; forcing Phil to tap out.

Steph De Lander (c) defeated Kellyanne  to retain the MCW Women’s Championship

These two ladies left it all in the ring in a brutal No Holds Barred match. Despite a VICIOUS chairshot to The Powerhouse Python, Kellyanne comes up short after being De Lander hit the Death Adder into a pile of thumbtacks.

Danny Psycho (c) defeated Hartley Jackson to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.

These two veterans put on a clinic for The MCW Faithful in attendance. While Jackson delivers a staggering amount of hard-hitting offence, Danny is able to hit the Psycho Cutter to retain. 

Post-match, the lights go out and a mysterious video plays targeting Psycho and his family. Danny is none too happy about this, and drops the title in the middle of the ring before storming to the back.

Robbie Eagles defeated Emman the Kid

A high-flying spectacle between two of the best aerial experts in the business ends after Eagles submits The Kid in the middle of the ring.

After the two shake hands, Robbie is ambushed by Gambino and Fale, beating him down and forcing him to acknowledge The Bullet Club by way of their signature gesture. Instead, Eagles offers a gesture of his own in defiance; flipping off Gino and The General! This is met with a boot to the face, and a declaration that MCW is now Bullet Club territory.

Adam Brooks defeated Slex (c) and Dowie James to win the MCW World Championship.

In a shocking initial elimination where Slex is taken out first with a belt shot, It becomes apparent a new champion will be crowned between the two remaining competitors. 

After a thrilling match between Dowie and Adam, a dream is realised after Brooks hits a Swanton Bomb off the top rope to win the championship.

A spectacular celebration to cap off a spectacular year in MCW. 

With a new World Champion, 2020 is set to be full of new match ups and new opportunities.

Melbourne City Wrestling presents G.IRL 5, with an all female line-up, at Evie’s Disco Diner in Fitzroy this Sunday November 17, before returning to Thornbury Theatre in 2020, kicking off on January 11. We’ll see you then!