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This Saturday night, Melbourne City Wrestling arrives at the Thornbury Theatre for the first event of 2020! With a new year comes new rivalries, new opportunities, and the celebration of a new Champion.

Natural Classics vs. Last of a Dying Breed

While Christmas is a time to come together and celebrate, no love was lost between The Filip Brothers and Mike Burr when the trio of athletes ran into each other at the MCW Christmas party! 

Words were exchanged and a challenge was thrown out to Burr and a partner of his choosing. Having now been made official for Vendetta, these two teams will square off in a match that will no doubt have future Tag Team Title implications.

Will The Natural Classics pick up their first victory of 2020? Or will Dying Breed gain a new lease on life in this new decade?

Hartley Jackson vs. Caveman Ugg: No Holds Barred

When last these two behemoths met inside the ring, the squared circle could barely contain the physicality of both men between its ropes. MCW officials seem to agree with this sentiment, as the rematch has been made No Holds Barred! This time around, both heavyweights will be free to unleash mayhem without worry of interference from the referee.

Will this stipulation favour Caveman Ugg, whose grasp of the rules of Professional Wrestling is suspect at best? Or will Jackson show Ugg that there are no rules in the world of Nightmares?  

Danny Psycho vs. Royce Chambers: Intercommonwealth Championship Match

Even though Royce Chambers has had only one match in Melbourne City Wrestling, his aerial offense was enough to set both the MCW Faithful and management  abuzz. That breakout performance has been rewarded with a championship opportunity against the inimitable Danny Psycho!

Psycho is coming into 2020 with a series of successful title defenses under his belt. While possessing a considerable size advantage over Chambers,  Danny will no doubt have his hands full keeping the high-flyer grounded.

Will Royce be able to pull off an upset in the biggest match of his career thus far? Or will Psycho find a way to hit the Cutter for the 1-2-3?

Avary vs. Kellyanne: Number One Contendership Match for the MCW Women’s Championship

Two of the best in the country will square off for a chance to become champion when Avary takes on Kellyanne to determine the Number One Contender for Steph De Lander’s MCW Women’s Title!

Kellyanne has been through and seen it all in MCW. Her career accomplishments and victories reads as a who’s who in wrestling; beating rookies, veterans, and legends alike.

Yet Avary is coming off the best year of her career; slowly transforming from a young upstart to a gatekeeper of the women’s division herself. Her list of opponents in 2019 include some of the biggest names in wrestling today; in every match proving more than capable of going toe-to-toe with the best. 

With so much on the line, and in the first match of the new decade for both fighters, this is sure to be as hard hitting as they come! 

Will Kellyanne take down Avary for another chance at the Title? Or will Avary start 2020 in solidifying her place as the heir apparent to the division?

Will Ospreay vs. Dowie James

Dowie Jame’s new attitude has not won him over any friends in Melbourne. That seems to sit fine with James, as he has not been shy about calling out competitors he deems hypocrites and inferior to physical and mental prowess. After falling short of becoming the new MCW World Champion, Dowie James went on a rant backstage, putting the exclamation point on his manifesto by calling out Will Ospreay!

Ospreay’s new year hasn’t started out the smoothest after losing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship to Hiromu Takahashi at Wrestle Kingdom. Returning to Melbourne may be exactly what is needed to reboot the decade for The Aerial Assassin. However, with Dowie’s new attitude also comes a viciousness in the ring that cannot be underestimated. If Ospreay wants to get back in the win column he will have to bring everything he has to put away his formidable opponent.

Will “Super” Dowie James prove he is indeed superior? Or does the Aerial Assassin have James lined up in his sights? 

The inaugural show of 2020 will be in Thornbury this Saturday!

Tickets available in limited quantities at the door or online