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MCW Vendetta Results

On January 11, Melbourne City Wrestling’s first event of the new decade occurred at the Thornbury Theatre. With championship matches, number one contenderships, and heartfelt goodbyes, Vendetta truly set the tone for what MCW will deliver in 2020.

As always, new proud papa Lord Andy Coyne welcomed the MCW Faithful to Thornbury; running down the card and providing the formal introductions to the new MCW World Champion: Adam Brooks!

Adam Brooks Addresses The MCW Faithful

The G.L.O.A.T enters the ring with the championship around his neck. After basking in a well deserved ovation from the crowd, Brooksy delivers a heartfelt speech chronicling his journey to this specific moment.

Before he is able to wrap things up, none other than Slex enters the arena to a warm reception of his own from the crowd in attendance.

Slex congratulates Brooks, yet points out that Adam did not pin him directly in his road to the title. “The Business” then requests his rematch for the Championship right here, right now. An official hightails it to the ring, and we have our first match of the evening!

Adam Brooks (c) defeated Slex to retain the MCW World Championship

After an exciting and high paced matchup, Brooks gets the best of Slex during a back and forth pinning sequence for the victory.

Post-match, Slex is given the opportunity to say his goodbyes to The MCW Faithful prior to his departure to America, where the next stage of “The Business’s” career will unfold in Ring of Honor. Slex takes in the standing ovation given to him, and then makes his way to the back.

Jett Rouka w/Tyson Baxter defeated Leo Pratt

An action-packed spectacle is given to those in attendance that ends when Rouka is able to hit a springboard stunner on “The Mad Lad” to score the pinfall.

After the match Rouka invites Baxter into the ring to deliver a huge announcement: after a debilitating ACL injury, Tyson is cleared for his in-ring return!

With a clean bill of health, The Mile High Club is officially reformed and they have their sights set for the MCW Tag Team Titles in 2020!

Davis Storm Challenges for the Title

In a surprise statement, Davis Storm challenges Adam Brooks for the MCW Title in 3 weeks.

The Natural Classics defeated The Last of a Dying Breed

A match as hard-hitting as you’d expect to see between these teams, The Filip Brothers are able to divide Burr and Taylor long enough to roll up Ritchie for the victory.

KrackerJak returns in 2020

In a video that can only be described as unique, “The Mad Bastard” makes his intentions publicly known to return to the ring in 2020.

Danny Psycho (c) defeated Royce Chambers to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.

An early Match of the Year contender, Royce Chambers proves he’s capable of hanging with the best MCW has to offer. Ultimately, an errant 450 splash costs Chambers his opportunity at the Championship, as the veteran Psycho capitalises to retain his title.

After the bell, a chilling video is shown that crosses every line imaginable. Danny’s relentless stalker shows evidence of making contact with his daughter. The MCW Faithful are unsure of how to react to such a reprehensible display, and even more unsure as to who could be responsible for something so heinous.

Avary defeated Kellyanne to determine the Number One Contender for the MCW Women’s Championship.

Both competitors give their all in this high-stakes matchup, but eventually Avary earns a shot at the Title by hitting Daddy Issues on Kellyanne for the pinfall victory.

Caveman Ugg defeated Hartley Jackson in a No Holds Barred Match,

Tables, Chairs, and Lighting Truss are all used as weapons in this violent spectacle. With both fighters sustaining a substantial amout of punishment, Ugg eventually hits a Crucifix Powerbomb on Jackson through a table to walk away as the winner.

Lochy Hendricks Addresses The Crowd

Despite his claims of leaving the country in 2019, it appears that “Loverboy” will be back at MCW for a groovy 2020!

Will Ospreay defeated Dowie James

Even with a lingering injury, “The Aerial Assassin” puts away “The Inimitable” Dowie James in a thrilling main event.

Post-match, Ospreay gets on the mic to deliver an impassioned speech about where his head is currently at. After thanking everyone in attendance, Ospreay addresses the challenge laid out by Gino Gambino during MCW NINE in October.

Ospreay: “Gino. You bring your friends and I’ll bring mine. Bullet Club vs. CHAOS bitch!”

With several matches lined up for February, MCW has a full head of steam going into Clash of the Titans. Tickets go on sale Wednesday at 10am!

The countdown is on – we’ll see you in three weeks time!

Credit to Digital Beard for Featured Image