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MCW Ballroom Brawl Cancelled

With the situation around COVID-19 moving slower than anticipated, and after some deliberation, we are making the difficult decision to cancel MCW Ballroom Brawl at The Thornbury Theatre on Saturday June 13.

As we are unsure on when we will be able to run events safely within the state of Victoria, we have no plans on postponing the event, and have opted to outright cancel the event instead. Refunds will be made via the Eventbrite page within the next couple of days.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, we have fans either self-isolating, or living with other vulnerable family members, and we understand the concerns for the health of you or your loved ones, so we’d rather eliminate one potential cause for concern entirely.

This isn’t a decision that we’ve made lightly, as fans travel from across Australia (and the world) for Ballroom Brawl, and this years event was to be no exception. That said, we believe that your health and safety is more important at the moment.

We still have a number of bookings with Thornbury Theatre (who have been extremely supportive during this time) in 2020, so we will announce an event when we believe it is safe to run. We feel that announcing any further events prematurely is unfair on all involved and erodes the trust that you have in the MCW brand, and this is something that we do not take for granted. So… as far as our live events go, we won’t be announcing any new dates until it is safe to do so.

If you’d like to support us during this time, feel free to subscribe to MCW Encore on either Pivotshare or Vimeo. We have been working on a number of exciting projects during this time, with our Pivotshare page now featuring content from a heap of overseas promotions, including Insane Championship Wrestling, Big Japan Pro Wrestling & Combat Zone Wrestling, while the MCW Vimeo page now includes a heap of events from the now-defunct Melbourne based Pro Wrestling Alliance promotion, and continues to be updated at least once a month with new and archival content.

Please stay safe, stay vigilant with keeping your hygiene standards up, and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

MCW Management