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An Update from Melbourne City Wrestling

After taking a few days to listen and learn from many in the wrestling community, we are disappointed and saddened that individuals feel let down by the process within MCW, and feeling as though the environment that we all work in is less than completely safe and equal for all.

We take responsibility that we did not have processes in place to handle these matters appropriately, and we will be using this time to take the steps to ensure that we can share an environment where everyone feels safe. We are positive that we can implement changes to make this happen.

As part of that process, we will also be using this time to run a mandatory sensitivity program with our wrestlers and staff, which will be operated by an outside, specialist organisation. These learnings will form the basis of a formal code of conduct.

This is just the first step; we ask for your patience while we do this, as we do not want to implement quick fixes but rather lasting changes which will make a long-term difference.

Importantly, we want to demonstrate we are learning, we are listening, and we are committed to making changes for the better.

Thank you for sticking with us.

The MCW Team