Classes & Training

Each professional wrestling related class is designed to suit an individuals skill and experience level and be of the highest quality.

An assessment and graduation process has been set up for each member to be assessed and progress between levels.

The purpose of this process is to ensure not only that each member is at a level consistent with the class but to set landmarks for them to gain a sense of achievement throughout the training process leading to graduation as a professional

The assessments also serve as a tool to measure each individuals capabilities and be sure that they have the necessary mental and physical fitness to progress through the stage of training safely.

Classes include:

Pro Wrestling – Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

  • Covering fitness, in-ring fundamentals, character and promo skills and industry skills

Additional Classes include:

  • Private training (1 on 1)
  • Focused acting, character development and promo skills
  • Professional wrestling industry skills
  • Social media & branding
  • Role specific training (for example: referee / official / commentary, valet or manager)