Melbourne City Wrestling have partnered with the Vicious Pursuit Pro Wrestling Performance Academy. Vicious Pursuit is about to open its doors in South Melbourne (just a short distance from Crown Casino) and will be the official training facility of Melbourne City Wrestling.

The man behind the academy is certainly no stranger to Melbourne City Wrestling. A man who has travelled the world with wrestling and trained with the best; Carlo Cannon.

Carlo first trained with Lance Storm in 2005 where he became the first graduate out of the Storm Wrestling Academy. In addition, he has been hailed by Lance as being his top graduate to come out of the school in his class, and has been endorsed by WWE Hall of Famer, Bret Hart, for his wrestling ability.

Since completing his training, Carlo has assisted Lance Storm with teaching four further classes, two of which have had students go on to sign developmental contracts with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Carlo Cannon has trained extensively with numerous Australian wrestling talents who are now signed overseas:

- Ryan Rollins (now signed with AAA in Mexico)
– Matt Silva (now under a developmental contract as ‘Buddy Murphy’ with WWE)
– Tenille Tayla (currently performing on WWE NXT as Emma)

Carlo himself was offered a try-out with World Wrestling Entertainment last year.

Carlo Cannon currently wrestles exclusively for MCW in Melbourne and is recognised as one of Australia’s top talents. Held in high regard by promoters nation wide, Carlo has held titles all over Australia, and his in-ring skills have won him match of the year honors for Explosive Pro Wrestling in Perth (2011 and 2012) and Riot City Wrestling in Adelaide (2012).

In his corner, Cannon will be backed by the MCW roster, which is widely recognised as one of the strongest in the country, and features the cream of the crop from not just Melbourne, but the rest of the country as well. His support crew will include the likes of Andy Phoenix, Tommy Hellfire and Mike Burr to name a few.

The academy will work with wrestlers of all levels; from highly experienced to beginners and new starters. If you are interested in finding out more about training at the facility whether your are a current wrestler or looking to get started please register your interest at or visit the official Vicious Pursuit webpage for more information.